Feigner Passes KHC Torch to NABCA

Updated 2/26/2007118:04 AM PT

At the express wishes of Eddie Feigner, the leadership of world-famous ‘The King And His Court’ four-man softball team is being passed to the North American Booster Club Association ("NABCA").

Feigner’s wife, Anne Marie, said: "Eddie dedicated his life to entertaining people around the world and it was something that Eddie passionately wanted to see continue.

The North American Booster Club Association is the best organization to take over and continue what Eddie started. With NABCA's leadership and the enthusiastic members, Eddies legacy and The King and His Court will continue touring and inspiring people and helping communities for generations to come."

The 2007 tour, named "The Old School Tour," will be a throwback to the early years of the team’s history. Featured will be 50s style uniforms and comedy routines not seen in several years as well as the high level of fast-pitch softball action.

NABCA's Executive Director and The King & His Courts new administrative leader, Steve Beden said "The King and His Court will continue the legacy started by Feigner of helping to raise money for charity and youth organizations while providing a positive family oriented event. NABCA is committed to helping insure that The King and His Court not only lives on for decades to come, but also provides an expanded level of support and entertainment for all who attend."

Beden said that "Jack Knight, the court's veteran will become the new team manager and team Captain helping to lead an updated tour." "The team is the most popular attraction in softball history," said Jack Knight, a 26-year veteran first baseman, adding, "I am very honored to be named manager and team Captain."

This years team will consist of Rich Hoppe, with more than 20 years of service on the Court and who was the King's personal choice to take over the pitching duties after Eddie suffered a stroke in 2000. A showman in his own right, Hoppe has a full repertoire of trick pitches and windups and will take a 130 game win streak into the 2007 season. Russ Fittje, of Omaha, Nebraska, a former Hasting College standout, and 2nd year man, Jason Fisher, will share shortstop duty and popular long-ball hitter Dave Booth will handle the catching. New manager Knight will also emcee.

The North American Booster Club Association (NABCA) www.boosterclubs.org is the premier (#1) booster club association in North America providing guidance, education, training and support to booster clubs and extracurricular programs throughout the United States and Canada. Booster Clubs are a key component to a successful extracurricular program as they provide funding, volunteer support, upkeep for facilities, fields and equipment, transportation and scholarships.

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