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7/26/11 As a young boy about 10 Yrs old I use to hang around the East Side Improvement center.I used to watch Queen and her Maidens,California Cuties, But to see the Master of Fast Pitch softball was the greatest.I was so interested in fast pitch due to the King and his Court.I grew up always wanting to play,and at a young age I wanted to pitch.I found a marble ball at my Grandmothers house and started throwing it up against our fence in the back yard, I became pretty good but not good enough like the Master,But tried out for the local team which was Rofor Machinery who was a traveling team.I then played for the Mansulla club that traveled up into Canada and the East coast.But on Sept.24th 1981 I hit a Homerun off the greatest pitcher in my heart was Eddie. I still have the ball and brings back GREAT MEMORIES of the KING!!!! Jeffrey Mattson
7/12/11 Great fun last night in Rosemont, IL. It really demonstrated how this group has been able to entertain for 65 years and even able to carry on without Eddie. Mike Wiabel
7/3/11 Hey Rich, I want to give a big Thank You for selecting me to bat against you last Sunday in Uniontown. It was always a dream of mine to say that I got to bat against the King and his Court. You guys gave a great show and the people really enjoyed themselves. Good luck on the remainder of the season. Happy Birthday! I consider you a friend and hope to meet you again someday. Keep in touch. Take care, God Bless you, your family and the team. Sincerely, Ron Parfitt Jr (Ronnie) ________________________________________________________
6/29/11 As a visitor to the Akron Aeros game last night, and a parent with the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Baseball Association, My son is a HUGE baseball fan and LOVED watching your amazing talent-- and fun show last night! I want to THANK YOU for the moving message you gave after your game, and your words (what we could hear of them) really meant alot to our family. God Bless you for coming to Akron to share your talents! Thank you! The Nowak Family ________________________________________________________
6/10/11 I remember playing for the Fort Carson, Colorado All-Stars in a game in Colorado Springs, CO against the King and His Court in the summer of 1971 or 1972. We lost by a score of 5-3, I think. Precious memory of batting against Eddie. Any records? Thanks. Jack FitzGerald ________________________________________________________
6/5/11 I served our country proudly during a peace-time period and was stationed in Panama. I had the absolute pleasure to witness the incredible team that spanked a Balboa team in the Canal Zone. Thanks for the memories. Sincerely yours, Scott Walton ________________________________________________________
8/2/10 I had the distinct honor to play against Eddie Feigner and His Court in 1957 with a group of 20 All-Stars from our Rockland, MA fastpitch league. My first at bat both Jerry Jones and Mike Meilicke moved to the right side. Eddie was pitching from 2nd base and assuming if I even hit it, that\'s where it would go. I decided to bunt, the ball came in rising so fast it went off my bat and hit my chin, thinking I broke it. Eddie came running in and settled me down. Next pitch again from second and I hit a clean line drive to left for a single. Next at bat, Eddie now pitching from the mound, and knees knocking, I hit a triple, it was a dream come true, my small claim to fame had been realized. Eddie and his guys waited out a 1-2 hour rain delay to get the game in, with about 5-7,000 on hand. Just yesterday, I found the souvenir booklet he gave me that was missing for years. Eddie was a great ambassador for softball and his country. He's sadly missed. Bob Johnson
8/1/10 The King and his Court lost the only game I ever saw them play live, in the early 1970s at Thillen's Stadium in Lincolnwood, IL. An opponent smashed a drive to deep center on a pitch when the fielders were sitting down. The shortstop ran so fast after the ball that the batter was held to a double. The game's result notwithstanding, I was astounded by the skills demonstrated by Eddie and his teammates (which, at that point, may have included his son). Gary Simon
7/19/10 I grew up in a small town called Remsen NY and had the opportunity to play against the King and his Court when I played for the Remsen Mets at Prospect NY'S Fireman's Field Day's back in the late sixties. The team came to our area often and I even had my wife with me on our first date for a benifit he played at again in Prospect for a local boy whom was involved in an auto accident . Patty asked me, "where all the people came from" and all I could say was all-over, just to help this one family and that's how I remember The King and His Court. I don't play anymore but have friends with children who do and I've been very disappointed to to find so few in this area has heard of about the King and his Court and I think they would enjoy it here and now as I did in NY which seems a life time ago . Best wishes to you all.
Thanks much for some special memories. Brian Williams

6/3/10 I only say the King and His Court one time. I remember sometime in the early to mid 80's they came to Auburn, Maine, and my dad took me. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands. As a kid only 10-15 years old, I could not look away. I remember two specific memories. First he told the guest catcher... "No matter what, do not move your glove" and then the King whipped a curveball that had to have gone 3-4 feet out of line and then back to center.. right into the glove. The second memory was when he pitched a ball behind his back.. but had not let the ball out of his hand... SMACK the catcher smacked his glove, Ump called "strike" then Eddie showed the Umpire... he still had the ball... I loved the game. I was truly saddened to read that Eddie was gone, but proud to have seen that he fought, and took part right up to the end. As memorial day passed, I was also honored to know that Eddie had also served his nation... He will truly be missed. If KHC are ever in Clarksville, TN, I hope to hear that they are coming, so I can bring my son. Sincerely, Steve Collins Satisfied Fan Formy Army Medic
4/3/10 When I was a kid in the 1960's in Meriden, CT, I would run down to the ball field to see the King and His Court play. I always made sure I was the first one there and would ask to be their bat boy. Eddie, being teh gentleman that he was always said yes. 30 years later, the King and His Court came to Bristol, Ct. I took my son and his friends to see the team play. Even though this was a different generation, the boys were quite impressed. After the game I had the privilige to see Eddie in the dugout. Almost another 10 years went by and I took my grandson to see the team play. Even though Eddie was no longer playing, my grandson had a great time.
Don Blazejowski
3/11/10 My memories of the King and His Court take me back to the mid 50's. Would love to see them again!
Andy Broom
12/15/09 I would like to know if you have kept records of the games the King and his court have played? The reason I'm asking is I played against them i believe in the early 90's in Yuma Arizona. We had to recruit a high school girl to pitch for us. We were an all star team of Marines and we won that game that night. The bad thing about that night was the girl we had pitch was hit in the head with the ball. Everything is great now I was just curious about the date and score of that game! I was the coach of the marines and played shortstop! Any info would be great!
Ronnie Desmarais
11/16/09 My ex mother-in-law who unfortunately now has a little trouble distinguishing fact from fiction claims to have been a guest pitcher for the King way back in the day she was so good that the men's teams around Toledo Ohio wouldn't let her play with them and she had to resort to going to Arizona to play women's softball. I really don't know exactly when this was, but I'm guessing it would have been about 1950. Sincerely, Bill ________________________________________________________
10/18/09 I was taken to one of your games n Renton,WA. when I was young, I was impressed. I always think of that game. I just what to watch a game again. Next season is team going to be near me? I live in Auburn WA. please let me know. Thank You, Donna Cook ________________________________________________________
10/11/09 My father is 88 years old and as seen the King and his Court many times over the years and as his 6 sons grew up, they were also privileged to attend the games and be wow'ed by the performance. In our weekly conversation today (Phoenix, AZ to Toledo, OH), he brought up HKC and asked me if I could find their schedule for next spring/summer. He would travel 1 to 2 hours to see them if they are planning on being that close to Toledo, OH. Thank you very much !! Mike Stalker Phoenix, AZ ________________________________________________________
9-8-09 Bob Savage "i played for a fast pitch traveling team in lorain ohio ; it was about 1965 or so when the kings team played us to a standing crowd at subway field ;he was terrific and i hit a foul ball ha ha !!!!" ________________________________________________________ 08/17/09 David Tanis "my dad took me to see you guys back in the seventies and i still remember it today. i loved seeing you guys play and hanging out with my dad, thank you for that opportunity for both. now i coach my two daughters and try to make it as much fun as you guys have!!! thank you king and ALL your court!!!!!" __________________________________________________________ 08/13/09 Mary Wolf "i just wanted too say the one time i saw eddie play the dominoes all stars in detroit michigan or ceasers its been a long time but what i saw was one of a kind blind folding him and sticking out top players and only four guys in the field,,my uncle ralph told me go out and see them,,this was a highlight in my life ,,like seing tiger play in florida palmers course,,thank you eddie rest in peace,,kurt wolf" __________________________________________________________ 07/20/09 Steve Pitcher "I would like to say I saw Eddie play at Meco Ball Park in Meco, NY (Fulton County) during the mid to late sixties.I was probably 8-10yrs.old. My Dad was playing softball and was picked as a local all-star to play against Eddie and the Court. It was one of the best times of my childhood. My dad and the locals guys never stood a chance and they talked about it for years to come. I saw Eddie pitch again in Monticello, NY during the early to mid-1990's and although he aged quite a bit he did not lose a step. I\'ve played competitive sports all my life and grew up with 3 older brothers. When my friends and others tried to say softball was for girls I would always laugh inside and say to myself,\" If they only new Eddie ! My deepest sympathies to Eddies family and the Court and to all of those who were touched by his greatness!" __________________________________________________________ 07/20/09 Roger Evans "Dear sirs, When I was a boy in Indianapolis, my uncle would take us to see the king and his court. He would pitch from the outfield fence blind folded … take 3 balls in one hand, roll off the mound and throw to 1st 3rd and home plate … and I believe they said he threw at 127 MPH. My children don’t believe me. Could you please verify these facts in an email and make me a hero to my kids and grand kids. Thank you Roger Evans A Long Time Fan!" __________________________________________________________ 07/16/09 Brett Smith "I remember seeing Eddie and Eddie Jr. back in the late 80's back in Borger Texas. My dad took me to see them when I was young, and I still have the promo booklet that my dad bought. I just happened to get into a discussion about fast pitch softball and was recalling everything about that day. It\'s not the first time I've done so over the years. The show was just that cool. It has been a very special memory for me. I lost my dad back in Oct of 95, and I cherish this as one of my favorite trips that we made together. I'm very sorry to hear about Eddie. He was a great man. I hope you will be visiting Northern Colorado sometime soon. I would like to take my kids to see the show." __________________________________________________________ 06/13/09 Dennis Southerd "I heard about the king and his court from my neighbor.I am pleased to find the tradition is still living on.This team is one of the greatest things I've ever heard about.I am 12 years old and am planning on becoming a good fan. Kudos to you." __________________________________________________________ 03/03/09 Jessica Sweatt "Hey The King and His Court, this is Jessica Sweatt. I have missed you all so very much! I have not forgotten the inning I got to pitch for you in Marion, IL. I hope you see you soon! Love Always, Jessica" __________________________________________________________ 02/25/09 Gregg Ranchkovsky "I am writing to you because my father Nick Renchkovsky and his girls softball team (Latham Invaders or Capital District Invaders) played the King back in the 80s. I was wondering if there were any pictures or archives or anything of that sort from the game. I believe it was played at the old Heritage Park, Albany, old home of the Albany Colonie Yankees. Any information would be great. My father passed away and I am putting together a photo album. Sincerely, Gregg Renchkovsky." __________________________________________________________ 02/24/09 Kelly Phendler "Just a note to tell you I saw you your team play in V ancouver,Canada in about 1970.I'm now 47 years old and that is still one of the highlights of my childhood.Great to see your still out there doing your thing.." __________________________________________________________ 09/14/08 Dave Miller "I was lucky enough to have played against the king and his court back on 7/19/1978 in Muskegon, Mi, I batted against him twice in the game and was struck out from 2nd base but got a triple off him while pitching blind folded, it was a privledge to play against the team and something you will never forget, still have the article from the muskegon chronicle, we lost of course, thanks, Dave Miller." __________________________________________________________ 08/26/08 Judy Keane "Back in 1983-84 my husband played softball while in the Army stationed in South Korea on the Demilitarized Zone. He was on the Army's Championship Softball team at the time. He remembers the King & His Court doing a USO tour and playing his team several times while there. He said there were 6 guys on the team, the original 4 members and the son and nephew of the gentleman that started the King & His Court. Can anyone please tell me is this was possible? I don't doubt what my husband is telling me as we do have some pictures from then, but there are people at this work that will not believe him that there were ever 6 people that played on the team at that time. (they don't care if he ever played against them) I believe all 6 were on the field at one time. Just a little piece of personal trivia for my husband I'm trying to help him out with." __________________________________________________________ 08/21/08 Bob Nyby "Good morning i worked at hughes aircraft in fullerton we had a game with you in the 80's at fullerton we had a player RAY SISEMORE who played for the detroit tigers and got a chance to go up but didnt make it he got a hit off of eddie so eddie winds up and throws the ball behind his back to first base and ray is out i will never forget that BOB NYBY cal central coast." __________________________________________________________ 07/29/08 Leon Tatro "Pleasee keep the memory of the King of softball alive." __________________________________________________________ 07/17/08 Bob Ellis "had the opportunity to attend a ball game that the King and His Court played about 35 years ago. I was amazed at the skill and performance of their game. I have never forgotten it and have often wondered if Eddie were still performing. I am so glad that he was so successful and even though I only saw him one time, I became a lifetime fan. My best to the King and His Court" __________________________________________________________ 07/16/08 Debbie Eeplogle "Hi! When I was a young girl my dad took me to see the King and His Court. I would love to take my kids to see a game." __________________________________________________________ 07/15/08 Steven Ray "My name is Steven Ray. In 1976 I lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and my P.E. coach at DeLong Junior High had a "wickedly" fast softball pitch. He was a great coach, but an astounding pitcher. I could never remember his name, but I (and the kid who volunteered to catch the only pitch I saw him throw) will never forget him. I still talk about him today. Was my coach Eddie Feigner? If so, I'm deeply saddened by our loss. I would love to tell him how much he meant to a kid he coached years ago. BTW, he NEVER said anything about how famous he was. I respect that. " __________________________________________________________ 06/18/08 Emily Cronauer "Had the pleasure of watching the King and His Court several times, most recently inI love watching the King and His Court play. My father saw Eddie when he was a young man and took me a few years ago to see the master in action. Now I'd like to take my family to see the guys play and pass on the tradition. I was a softball pitcher myself and am always amazed and what the guys can do. Thanks for the info, can't wait to see a game!" __________________________________________________________ 06/17/08 Don Barnes "Had the pleasure of watching the King and His Court several times, most recently in 2006 in Colfax, CA, and 2007 in Grass Valley CA." __________________________________________________________ 06/13/08 Greg Wood "I saw KHC twice as a kid, and would love to take my family to see games like those. Just looking at the website recalled some fond memories." __________________________________________________________ 06/03/08 Paul Wison "does the team ever come around this area laurel hill or rockingham north carolina? We would love to see them again." __________________________________________________________ 05/27/08 Kevin Matheson "I saw the King and his Court in the 1980s and the subject came up as I am now a baseball/fast pitch softball Rec Coach now. I live in the upstate of SC and would love to take my children to see a game." __________________________________________________________ 05/27/08 Anthony J. Ventarola, P.E. "I am very happy to see the King and His Court still carrying on the show, despite the sad loss of Eddie. I would like to know where you are appearing for the 2008 season. I live in the Westchester County, NY area and would be willing to acquire tickets for any event in the NYC metro area." __________________________________________________________ 05/01/08 Wendy Wenberg "Hi: I don't quite know how to start this so I guess I will just jump in! I can so remember The King and His Court playing in Vancouver, B.C. in the either late 40's or sometime in the 1950's. My father, Albert (Bert) Smith, was one on B.C.'s, if not B.C.'s champion Senior "A" Softball pitcher, and later Chief of Umpires in B.C., and I can remember he and his team going against Eddie Feigner and his Court. As a young child I was enthralled, but angry because my father was the "champ" in my book, and they got royally beaten by, was it 4 men on a team? I cannot quite remember. Pretty hard to beat someone who can pitch a perfect strike from center field!! Would you know if there are any pictures of this game? I am so sorry I do not remember the exact date. My parents split up and mom was so angry with the Smith side of the family that she threw everything out of dad's. I only have his newspaper clippings, which are many, and his umpire strike/ball counter, but that is not enough to get him into Vancouver's Sports Hall of Fame. They need some equipment or a uniform. I did have his Kirk's Clothes uniform, but that got chucked, too. I don't remember any pictures of him playing against Eddie Feigner, perhaps there were. And I think there was more than one time playing them. I know it is a long shot and you probably don't have pictures, but if you do, I would love to see them and see if my father is in any of them. Thanks for "listening"...... Wendy Wenberg (nee Smith) Mission, B.C." __________________________________________________________ 04/29/08 Robert Baronich "I am 70 yrs.old. I saw The King & His Court when I was about 15 or 16 in the early 1950,s in Biloxi, Ms.I am still awed at how GREAT THEY were and still are. The very best of luck to yall." __________________________________________________________ 04/23/08 Jeff Konger "after i first saw the king all i wanted to do is to play fastpith .im 53 and awaiting a liver transplant. for 16yrs i played back in the 70s and 80s so i wanted to thank you for pointing me in the direction to play the real softball game.." __________________________________________________________ 04/10/08 Bob Waggener "I HAD SEEN HIM IN OTTAWA, IL.........I RECALL SOMETIME DURING THE GAME HE TOOK TIME TO TALK TO KIDS ABOUT THEIR LIFESTYLES..........I CANNOT RECALL IF IT WAS ABOUT GOD....CAN YOU HELP ME THERE? HE WAS A GREAT ATHLETE AND PERSON......GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU THERE." __________________________________________________________ 04/07/08 D Carley "Baldwin, NY Long live the King and His Court" __________________________________________________________ 04/06/08 Don Blazejowski "Thank You for keeping the memories alive. Don B." __________________________________________________________ 04/04/08 Carol J. Buddenhagen "My dad back -in the mid fifties was in charge of getting Eddie and the Court to come to Bedford Ohio for a few summers to raise funds for charity for the Bedford Lions Club I was an avid Softball player and was lucky enough to be picked to play on an All Star team to play against the KHC what an honor! In my final at bat against Eddie I managed to get the only hit of the game for our team -a lucky blooper over second base (which would of been a routine out with a nine man team) I broke my bat doing so and I still have it and it brings back many memories. I was the opposing catcher against Eddie and after the game he asked me to catch him for a demonstration of some of his many pitches I admit I was scared a little but Eddie calmed me down and I caught every pitch he threw ---- even his " Fast-Fast Ball" Unbelievable!!! Thanks much for the chance to say a few words about Eddie- he is truly missed Sincerly Earle Buddenhagen Solon Ohio." __________________________________________________________ 02/17/08 Thomas Cevora "My father, Jim Cevora had the honor of playing against Eddie Feigner while he was in the Navy. I don't remember the date but it was in the late 80's. I would like it if you guys can find the date that they played. His team was FTC, and they played in Norfolk, Virginia. I have very fond memories of that day and wish to remember them again, I know Eddie has passed and my father did shed a tear at that. He pitched fastpitch softball for over 20 years in the Navy. God be with the King and His Court. He will never be forgotten in our memories. Thank you Thomas Cevora" __________________________________________________________ 02/04/08 Codge Bonner "Richie, God bless you and yours! I can still hit you like I owned you! Codge" __________________________________________________________ 01/28/07 Bill Cowin "I was born in 1946 in Walla Walla, Washington, and followed as best I could the KHC all my life. In 1968 or 1969, I played on a local fastpitch team and Meade Kinzer was the "manager" I noticed that the bios said that he played until 1968. It seemed to me he had recently retired when I played for him. Please "correct" me. Thanks. Greetings to Mary. I am the pastor she talked to about my memories of The King in Niles, MI, on the Farewell Tour. Bill Cowin" __________________________________________________________ 01/22/07 John DiDonato "Long Live the King and His Court!" __________________________________________________________ 01/04/07 Dewayne Sloan "I have had the privilege to see KHC twice in my life. I'm not sure what year they were, but I saw you the first at a fundraiser in White House, Tennessee and the second time you were at a Nashville Sounds game. I didn't know at the time what a special thing that I was witnessing, but since then I have told a lot of people about you and your team. I hope that you will be back around middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky so that I can bring my kids to see your show." __________________________________________________________ 11/08/07 Mike Terhaar "I had the pleasure of seeing the King and his Court play the Minnesota Vikings at Parade Stadium in Minneapolis in I think 1967. I was in awe then of the Kings skills. In the early 90’s I was traveling through Wausau, Wisconsin and saw the King and his Court vehicles parked in the same motel I was staying at. It brought back pleasant memories. I am sorry to hear of his passing. Eddie was a true legend." __________________________________________________________ 10/23/07 Tony Roybal "Will you ever play in Las Vegas, NV. Or have you? This sounds like alot of fun. GO KHC. Tony." __________________________________________________________ 10/12/07 Jim Nunn "I played softball slow pitch in Korea 1975, we had a fellow on the team that was great, We called him "Orbit Williams" he hit a homer at almost every at bat and played 3rd base 1/2 way between 3rd and home, also pitched sometimes from 2nd. Said that he used to play for the King. Just wonder???? was he ever on the roster or was he just good?" __________________________________________________________ 10/08/07 george a boxen jr "I HAD THE PLEASURE TO HAVE SEEN THE "KING" 2 TIMES AND HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT AGAIN. HE WAS JUST SOMETHING THAT I CANNOT EXPLAIN. I HAVE TOLD MY STORY TO THOSE WHO NEVER HEARD OF THEM, AND MANY DO NOT BELIEVE WHEN I TELL THEM WHAT HE COULD DO. WHAT A WONDERFUL PLEASURE IT WAS TO WITNESS SUCH AN AWSOME FEAT. GEORGE A BOXEN JR." __________________________________________________________ 09/30/07 Susan Skomorucha "I'm not quite sure how to related to you how much you and your players have touched my life. I first saw a King and His Court softball game when I was probably around 10 years old and living in Chester, Pennsylvania. I seem to remember that the game was held at the then Pennsylvania Military Academy (PMC). My sister took me to see it and I was just in awe! So much so that we returned for numerous games. I literally had an immediate crush on one of your players - Jim Herrick. I was star struck! Jim was more my sister's age of course. He was from Huntington Beach, CA. What a great guy and he was so kind and warm hearted and genuine. I remember getting a softball signed by the team, including Eddie of course. Jim and I struck up a friendship and he became my pen pal. We exchanged letters while he was on the road. Eventually, Jim was drafted and went to Vietnam. Thorough his service tours, Jim and I exchanged letters and what were then treasurers for a little girl - such as an australian bush hat, pictures, etc. I was always trying to get Jim and my sister together so that he could become part of our family. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, we just lost touch with each but I often think about what road his life has taken. Your organization is very special to me. I loved the games and the clean family fun that we enjoyed. The players were all so skilled and professional and such gentlemen and they treated young fans such as myself with such warm, kind-hearted, genuine interest and respect. I just wanted you to know how special you and the KHC organization was to me in my childhood and the wonderful memories that I have of you and the KHC games. Regards, Susan (Scarloss) Skomorucha" __________________________________________________________ 09/21/07 John DiDonato "My memories of Eddie Feigner & the King and His Court is in the late 70's when they came to the Bronx from 1977-1979 at the Castle Hill Beach Club (1931-1985). They always gave a show, especially J.R. Feigner & some of his routines." __________________________________________________________ 09/03/07 Richard "Magoo" McGill "I grew up in Huntsville, Al. where we got to see The King and His Court in the 60's. I've been a fan ever since. The only time I saw them again was on tv. Then, in Anchorage, Ak., I got to be the base umpire for 2 games on Eddie Feigners 1999 Farewell Tour. It is something I will never forget. One of my most prized possessions is my autographed softball by The King and His Court. I have since moved to Louisiana and hope to see the new King and His Court in person in the very near future." __________________________________________________________ 07/18/07 Joe Busto "Hi- I grew up watching Eddie (and eventually Eddie Jr.) when they'd come to my home town (Royal Oak, MI) and I was surprised to see the family tradition has been kept alive. I have since moved to CA from MI and would like to know what your schedule is for this month for Southern California. Thanks-Joe Busto" __________________________________________________________ 07/18/07 Joe Busto "Hi- I grew up watching Eddie (and eventually Eddie Jr.) when they'd come to my home town (Royal Oak, MI) and I was surprised to see the family tradition has been kept alive. I have since moved to CA from MI and would like to know what your schedule is for this month for Southern California. Thanks-Joe Busto" __________________________________________________________ 07/16/07 Dr. David R. LeMaster "Dear Mr. Feigner: I'm nearly 72 now, but when I was a young boy of about 12, I had the distinct pleasure of watching you and your court perform in San Angelo, Texas. My father drove us all the way from Odessa to see you. At that time, both my beloved father and his nephew (Master Sergeant James H. Harris) assured me that this opportunity to see you pitch was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, -- and they were absolutely right. You were and are absolutely phenomenal. Your site directed that if there was a question that it would be answered in a few days. But Mr. Feigner, any question that I might ever have had was more than answered by the God-given talent that you honed so professionally and have maintained throughout all these years. God bless you, my friend. And may Heaven's Great Umpire be as impressed with you as I have always been. Sincerely, Dr. David R. LeMaster Lt. Col., USAF Retired " __________________________________________________________ 06/30/07 Deanne Ward "I took my softball team to see the King many years ago. To Date it is one of my most memorable days. I just found out about Eddie's passing. I was looking for info for my granddaughter. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. A legend in deed." __________________________________________________________ 06/24/07 Jody Johnson Walunas "My dad was a personal friend of the KHC when they were just beginning. As a little girl I would go with him to there games. I would love to recall the names of some of the earlier players. Can you send me a list of some of the players in the 50's and 60's. I used to have several of the old programs with their signatures on them. This was a treat to read about Eddie and the good old days. Thank You Jody Johnson Walunas" __________________________________________________________ 06/20/07 Larry Garber "My dad was a fast pitch softball pitcher in the air force and always mentioned the king and his court." __________________________________________________________ 06/16/07 Rick Dignard "I'm not even a huge baseball fan, but I have to say I was just a little guy when the King and his court came to my home town in Steveston B.C. Canada in the seventies and waxed our local softball team on a couple of occasions, I was amazed at what Eddie Feigner could do on the field, today my daughter plays softball and loves it, I wish she had the experience I did witnessing this amazing man and his court, I've met many millionaire athletes in my time but this man stood out to me as a super human being." __________________________________________________________ 06/14/07 Carolyn Soccio "Hi...Im a huge softball fan..would love to see The King and His Court. Are there any scheduled games in the Philadlephia, PA area? Thank you. Carolyn Soccio," __________________________________________________________ 05/31/07 Kenny "doc" Nolan "I was not aware that Eddie had died. A great loss, especially for all of us who played against him, long ago. I pitched against him in 1981 at an event in Union County, New Jersey. We were all hand picked as an all star team to face the King. The team in those days was Eddie's son J.R. at short, John Baker as catcher, and I must admit, I forget who the other guy was. We actually thought we had a chance of beating the King. Eddie was on his third game of the day, so we thought we'd catch him tired and slow.... WRONG! Even though I was the pitcher, I led off that day. I remember Eddie standing on the mound with his stocky pot-bellied body smilin' at me, as I dug in. I was pur dee serious... I squared up and waited for the first pitch. Eddie went into his motion and let fly.... I never saw the ball cross the plate, but I heard it sizzle by. I stepped out and turned back to the ump and asked, What the hell was that????? The Ump smiled at me, stuck out a finger, and said: STRIKE ONE ! I struck out on that at bat, but my pitching kept us in the game. They were only up 2-0 going into the seventh inning. I led off the bottom half and bunted,,, it was the only way I could figure out how to get on. Eddie was pissed, so he promptly gassed the side, and left me standing on first. After it was all over, we all repaired to the local VFW hall, for the after party. If you were lucky enough to be the King's last game in those days, you were fortunate enough to hang out with him and hoist a few. And hoist a few Eddie could..., like the jarhead he was. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. Even though I lost the game. A few years later I had the chance to visit him at his home near Escondito CA. After giving me some invaluable pitching instruction... Edie, Me and J.R. repaired to a local mexican place for food and drink. We ate like kings, and drank "black velvet" whiskey until we were all blotto. I'll never figure out to this day, how I got back to Laguna Beach In closing, I'd like to emphasize that Eddie Feigner was one of a kind... The P.T Barnum of fast-pitch softball. But unlike P.T., he did not rely on trickery, or illusions to make his point. He just stood out there with 4 other men, and dared you to beat him. When I was lucky enough to know him, the old Eddie Feigner was a better pitcher on any day than the best ace in your so-called fast pitch league. Besides that, He was a master showman and entertainer. And a super nice person, who was generous with his talent, imparting it down to rooks like me. Plus... He was a hell of a good guy. I'll miss ya Eddie. The King and His Court live on. But it ain't quite the same without the real King." __________________________________________________________ 05/22/07 Thomas "Chip" Moran "I had the honor and privilege of playing against Eddie many times, and watching many more times over. He was the epitimy of a true gentleman, competitor, and ambasador of fastpitch softball his entire life. Along with John Wayne, my dad, Eddie was my other "hero", and I had the honor of beating him twice, he was and will always be the "King" to me.. Chip Moran USAF 1966-1987" __________________________________________________________ 04/17/07 Les Barber "Gentlemen all the very best for a great year, my Prayers are with you and your Families. Long Live The KING! Your Friend and Ex Teamate Les "Ironman" Barber" __________________________________________________________ 04/08/07 John Pyktel "I grew up watching Eddie and the Court throughout the midwest. I last saw him pitch in Arlington, Texas in the 80's I believe. But I also saw him pitch in Waukegan, IL. where I grew up. He'll be missed but never forgotten... John Pyktel" __________________________________________________________ 04/08/07 thomas j. rose "back in the 70's your team played in gloversville,ny.you would bet people they could'nt get any hits off of your pitches i tried, you were right. but eddie called me back for another try. he hit my bat. great memories!" __________________________________________________________ September 17, 2006 9:45 pm Name: Don Ussery Location: Fallon, Nv
Here at Naval Air Station Fallon we are still talking about your guys' game. What a great group of people you are, truly you represent the best there is in softball... you guys are studs. Hope your tour ended well are you guys have had a chance to rest up ... except the newlyweds that is!!! Drop a line next time you head to the Sierra's. Don Ussery
__________________________________________________________ September 16, 2006 11:43 am Name: mark de santes Location: new rochelle, ny
I remember vividly Edie playing the Peekskill All-stars when I was 12 years old.... some 46 yrs ago! Pitching from 2nd base was amazing as was you almost picking off a runner on 1st (no more than 3 steps off the bag) behind your back!! These are great memories and I thank you for them. I repeat your heroics often to my friends. I wish you the very best!! __________________________________________________________
August 24, 2006 9:52 pm Name: Cary Location: Austin, TX
I saw Eddie play a county all-star team in Keene, NH back in the mid 50s. I still remember Eddie's first pitch. The leadoff batter simply dropped his bat and looked at the sky. It was an extraordinay and memorable game. __________________________________________________________
August 24, 2006 7:35 am Name: Kathie Location: Buffalo New York
My uncle Peanuts, who isnow 87 years old, often talks about when the King came to Buffalo. My uncle's team played the king back in the late 40s or early 50s. My uncle ofter boasts that he was able to "beat" the King, batting on his knees yet! Wondered if anyone rememers that, expecially Eddie. When he heard about Eddie's book he wondered if it would be mentioned in it. I told him I doubted it, but am going to buy the book for him anyway. I was amazed to find that the King & his Court were still touring. If they are ever here in the Buffalo area I will have to try & take him. Best of Everything to you! __________________________________________________________
August 21, 2006 8:13 am Name: brian
Eddie - We just ordered your book and DVD for our son, Kelly Fliear who worked with you on the Big Island of Hawaii where you performed a few years ago. He is a true baseball fan (still playing softball and will be 50 next September) and he was so proud to have had the opportunity to meet and work with you. The first thing he did was call me about that event as he knew I was a big fan of yours. I saw you in the late 40's or early 50's in Sheldon, Iowa where you performed to your usual full house. My best to you and your family -- Semper Fi from another former Marine! Galen Fliear Donnie Chmielowiec Kansas City Mo __________________________________________________________
11-28-2005 10:24 AM
Just ordered the book and video for my Dad for Christmas. Would only request that maybe the big guy could squeeze in an autograph. Am having it shipped directly to "Pop". Thanks for EVERYTHING! Long live the KING! God Bless America! Semper Fi... oo-RAH! ol' Sgt Ski leon mcclaran shelbyville tennessee __________________________________________________________
11-3-2005 11:26 AM
if i never get to see you guys play again i can say thanks for playing in shelbyville tennessee at the time i seen you it was a blast and funny too !you folks are terrific i hate ta see ya go .wishing you fare well hope you folks have enjoyed your profession !! i know i did an im sure anyone that seen you did too . __________________________________________________________
RRB Yonkers, New York 10-30-2005 04:08 PM
My dad took me to see you in the mid 1960's at Fleming field Yonkers NY. He was a pitcher in a local league after the war, he served in Sipan. Anyway i never forget those shows,the king and his court are truly the most remarkable team in sports history!If you are in the NY area this year i would like to find out where? I have some youngsters who would be amazed! Just received your book and video and can't wait to read it. Mr Feigner you truly are the King! Thanks ray kenney sr. __________________________________________________________
windsor,ontario.canada 10-21-2005 12:52 PM
hello there its been a few years since ive seen you play,i saw you play in windsor many yrs ago at mic mac park it was a joy to see you pitch the time you struck out that guy at the plate with out throwing the ball lol,ive been running a mens softball team now for many yrs and we talk about you all the time,thankyou for the many yrs of baseball you gave to us you are a true sport in my book (from razor's edge ball team good luck and take care your #1) peter tassi hamilton __________________________________________________________
10-20-2005 11:37 AM
Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I leave my name on the site of one of the world's greatest athletes. A man who has entertained, amazed, dazzled and inspired people all over the world. The King's talent is beyond description. Most importantly, he is a good man. Anthony Testa Memphis Tennessee __________________________________________________________
10-14-2005 03:33 PM
I am 50 years old and just got done telling some workers about Eddie. They never heard of him nor believed the things he can do with a softball. When I was a kid, my dad took me several times in NY to see the Court play. I have beeen fascinated all my life from the memories I have from the games. My dad was a windmill pitcher and taught me. I don't know his name but god bless the catcher who stood behind the plate for Eddie! Thanks for the wonderful lifetime memories. T Joe Willey San Bernardino __________________________________________________________
10-3-2005 01:12 PM
Greetings Eddie: It was great to see you again in San Bernardino. My best wishes for happy health in the future. In my younger days I caught for the CP Merchants in College Place. I believe you knew my uncle John Willey, he at least knew Mike Meilicke, Meade Kinzer and Jerry Jones. And I remembered we played the King and His Court behind the elementary school there in College Place. You asked me to come to your home and warm you up in your back backyard. I've never caught a pitcher like you before or since. I really like the fast pitch...it not only moves, it sings through the air. The rise and drop were also impressive. A few weeks afterwards we went to a pitching exhibition during half-time basketball game in Columbia Auditorium. You held the microphone and talked to the crowd about pitching. You threw a few pitches. Then came the time for the fast ball (and I dreaded it a little because of any pitch you presented this one had the greatest chance to get loose) Sure enough I missed it as it went over my glove by a half inch traveling 432 miles per hour (or so it seemed). It hit a young lad behind me sitting on the stage. He turned his head and dropped to the floor about four feet. But before we could get to him he was up on his feet, the crowd cheered and we went in the locker room and changed out of the King and His Court uniform. Eddie you are an inspiration and my cheers!!! T Joe Willey __________________________________________________________
Beth Kirk Pasco, WA 10-3-2005 08:18 AM
I just wanted to say thank you to the King and His Court for taking the time to stop in Eastern WA. Because of you my dad Sully got the opportunity to pitch again, something I never thought he would get to do. I grew up watching him play against the very best in Fastpitch. Since he will turn 70 in Dec. I thought his pitching days were over. But you all gave him one more chance, and best of all his grandchildren got to watch him. Pitching against you gave him a taste of years gone by and gave his family a glimpse into his past. He loves the game and since his retirement spends his time giving pitching lessons to girls ages 5-20's. His way of giving back to a game that has given him so much. I know he loved being on the mound again, but the conversations with you all after the game discussing the superstars of the game meant so much to him. Being able to talk to others who actually knew them as he had was great. Thank you once again and I hope you return to our neck of the woods again soon. __________________________________________________________
Joe Pickering Jr. Bangor, Maine 9-30-2005 09:19 PM
Dear King and Queen: It was a thrill to meet and have dinner with you when you came to Bangor. I have seen you pitch several times as early as the 1950's I more than fondly recall The King pitching blindfolded from second base and throwing fast balls that hardly anyone could see but oh everyone could hear the ball make a super smack into the catcher's mitt! It was a deep priviledge to write a song called From an Orphan to a King which is a mini song about the life of Eddie Feigner! No song could do you justice but I hope it catches a glimpse of your brilliance on the softball field and in the sports world and beyond. There is one and never will be another Eddie Feigner. You are much more than a sports figure you are a man that has created, stirred,rekindled millions of memories in all of us who have been honored to see and meet you and your lovely talented wife Anne Marie. __________________________________________________________
Greg Falk Pasco, WA 9-28-2005 03:07 PM
King, Anne Marie, We played you on September 1, 2005 in Pasco, WA. We were the old guys, and I am the Director of Boys & Girls Clubs. We had a great time and enjoyed everything about the experience. Dennis, who played on your team, is still talking about it. Thank you for the opportunity and we wish you the best. Greg Falk __________________________________________________________
Scott Baker Toronto, Canada 9-22-2005 10:22 AM
G'day to the Court! My brothers had me learn much of your great endeavour when I was young. They had one of the actual coats which you men used to wear, saw you play a number of times and had programs and autographs to showcase their fondness for you. I grew up in a home with 6 children, 5 boys. Many sports, but baseball was tops for me. So it was quite a shock when I later discovered we had in our possession a framed portrait and the official plaque (designating all the achievements) of Al Jackson. It was acquired through an auction of some kind, though now as I am older, I want nothing more than be able to return these items to its rightful owner. I am not even sure if Al is alive anymore or not. If someone from the current or past teams could please reach me via email, I can pass along my telephone number, and we can begin the process of delivering these memories back to where they are most desired. Thank you and all the best in the coming season. Cheers, .s __________________________________________________________
Denny Keaney Lynn, Mass. 9-14-2005 07:27 AM
Hi, Does the site need any 'Tour Stop Photos'? I took some in Lynn, Mass. at Fraser Field! Get back to me if you do? Thanks.
John Bifano Cape Coral, Florida 9-13-2005 12:09 PM
Remember my Dad taking me as a kid to see you at Russell Park in my hometown, Carbondale PA, during the late 1950s. I was AMAZED!!! Never saw anybody throw harder. I'll keep checking your schedule to see if and when you get to SW Florida. God Bless and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! __________________________________________________________
Bob Syme North Bay, Ontario, Canada 9-12-2005 06:39 PM
Eddie; You, Anne Marie and the team played North Bay a few weeks ago. I told you about an experience I had when I was 13 years old. In 1948 you played a game in Calgary Alberta. My dad was commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force base there and invited you to give a pitching demonstration to the base team and air force members that afternoon at the base. He also invited you to dine with us at home after the demonstration. You accepted both invitations and after dinner you asked me to be your batboy for the game downtown that evening. What a thrill I had being there watching you pitch that game. It has been a wonderful,lasting memory for the past 57 years. Thank you for that. I know many other youngsters will have had the same thrill as me. You have touched the hearts of many folks. God Bless you for that. __________________________________________________________
Dr. Bruce Conforth Ann Arbor, Michigan 9-9-2005 07:01 AM
Dear Mr. Feigner, I was so happy to find this site. Some of my fondest memories of childhood are seeing you pitch in the late '50s and early '60s at Hinchcliff Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey. You were in your prime and I can recall how, as you were warming up, the gasps from the crowd would increase as did the speed of your delivery. No matter where you sat in the stadium the crack of your fastball hitting the catcher's glove was incredible. I can still recall how impossible it was even to see your fastball from the stands. You would wind up, deliver, and an instant later there was that loud crack! No one ever saw the ball. Not only did you always mow down every team I saw you face, but you always ended with an inspirational message about the things one can achieve. I like to think it helped me get where I am today, teaching at the University of Michigan. It was such a joy racing down onto the field after the game to get you your autograph on your program. Sadly those have disappeared over the years, but you are still an inspiration. God bless you and your family. __________________________________________________________
Bruce Michael Conforth Bill Maciokas Gresham, Oregon 9-4-2005 12:13 PM
Hi Eddie & Anne Marie, My wife and I saw you at PGE Park last night. We brought another couple that has never seen you perform. We all enjoyed the game/show emensely. I'm the retired Marine Master Sergeant that gave you the Marine Corps coin with the Ronald Reagan quote on the back. I've had the privilege once again to see you last night as I did in Japan,Connecticut and California. Thankyou to all, God Bless and take care, Semper Fidelis, __________________________________________________________
Top Mac chuck (spitball gang) portlanf 9-4-2005 12:45 AM
My buddy and I were the umpire and the 1st base umpire at the portland beaver game on 9-2. We were told that we would get a autograph from the KING and missed you after the performance. If we could still get them, it would be great. __________________________________________________________
Don in Utica N.Y 9-2-2005 01:37 PM
The talent, professionalism & entertainment displayed by you is sadly missing from our society today. Saw you 3 or 4 times in my life, & the smiles on peoples faces when you performed says it all. One of a kind Thank You __________________________________________________________
Jim Allen Richland, WA 9-2-2005 07:58 AM
King, Played you and your court last night (9/1/05, Pasco, WA) and had a great time. Come back any time Hope we get the chance to play you again before the end of your season! Thank you for the experience and God Bless. __________________________________________________________
Jim Allen sheryl/omaha/kansas city Archie, MO 8-30-2005 07:59 PM
Hi Anne Marie, you told me to e-mail you, but I couldn't find an e-mail address, I hope this is what you had in mind. I was wondering...did you always want to be a ball player all your life? did you ever have another job occupation? thanks __________________________________________________________
Sheryl Frank Russo Henderson, NV 8-29-2005 05:57 PM
Mr.Feigner, I saw you and the Court in Stamford,CT. (my home town)in the 60's. Thank you for some of the fondest memories of my childhood. You and the Court are truly American ambassadors of good will. Your skills will be missed but I will treasure the video and and be proud to tell people I saw you play. Sincerely Yours, Frank Russo, Henderson, NV. __________________________________________________________
Jim Rivelli Columbus, OH 8-24-2005 10:19 AM
Eddie, We just finished reading your book. It is wonderful! I have seen you play about a half dozen times over the years including the game vs. major league all stars on television. It is a shame that video was lost. (WAY before VCR's!) I spent twenty-five years in the US Navy and saw you play three different times at three different bases. You always put on a good show. I hope you will be posting a list of locations where you will play next year. It would be a pleasure and an honor to see you once more and shake your hand. You are truly one of the all time great atheletes and one of the greatest pitchers ever (not just SOFTBALL pitchers). Take care, God bless you in the years ahead. Semper FI James M. Rivelli FTGC (SS) USN Retired __________________________________________________________
Jack Metcalf Jacksonville NC 8-22-2005 03:37 AM
I just want to Thank The king and his Court for a joyable evening at Southwest High School in Jacksonville NC. It was such a honor to meet Eddie one more time. Anna Marie you were great and I really enjoy being able to assistance you with your stay in Jacksonville, hope the southern hospitabilty was great. Jack you were great to, really enjoyed hang out with you and listening to your storys about the public service communitys. As far as the rest of the guys, that outgoing, showman ship and thier professionalism made this so great. I really enjoy the show once again. Soouthwest High thanks you for your appearance. Stay safe on the road, Also Cindy you are very plesant to work with, I really appericate all yoour help keep up the outstanding work with the show. GOD BLess Your Friend Jack Metcalf __________________________________________________________
Terry Conroy KS 8-21-2005 04:13 PM
Eddie & Family, After a recent move I was unpacking and came across a program from a 1968 benefit stop in New Ulm, MN. It brought back great memories... New Ulm is a real baseball hotbed and your stop really was awesome. My dad Ray was on the challenging team along with Dick Hudson, Randy Walker and Les Dietrich. These players were truly the best of the best in southern MN fastpitch softball. The show was unforgetable, thanks for the memories! __________________________________________________________
Taylor NC 8-20-2005 06:51 PM
I loved the king and his court it was superfunny i think they should make a movie! __________________________________________________________
Gary Alfonso New Bedford MA 8-19-2005 06:30 AM
King and his court Thank you for a very fun evening of entertainment when you came to the SEYAA in New Bedford on 8/16. You provided a fun night of family entertainment for us and we all had a great time. I am still hearing others talk about it and everything I have heard has been positive. Thanks again and good luck in your travels. May God Bless you and keep you safe in your travels. __________________________________________________________
Roger Goode Michigan City,IN. 8-18-2005 09:29 PM
Dear Eddie and crew, Glad to hear your still at it.I had the wonderful experience of playing for Eddie back in 1989 for about 10 weeks and to this day its still brings me nothing but great memories.Eddie keep up the great work.I wish you good health and a great ending to a truely ledendary career. Thanks for the memories. Roger Goode __________________________________________________________
Rev. Paul Blizard Beckley, West Virginia 8-18-2005 06:00 PM
I enjoyed the game. However, I wanted to ask the "king" if he knew the Lord. As he signed my poster, I asked him if he was saved. He replied, "you can't know that until the end of time." When I told him that he could know now, he repeated his statement. Pray for Eddie that the "king" will meet the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. You can know you are saved now by asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and inviting him into your heart. My prayer is for Eddie to be saved. Sincerely, Paul Blizard, Senior Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Beckley, West Virginia __________________________________________________________
Lynsey Grace New Bedford, MA 8-18-2005 10:14 AM
Hello Ms. Anne Marie, This is Grace from New Bedford, MA. I also played for the Harlem Diamonds this summer 05. This e-mail is in reference to the game on 8/16/05. I was on the opposing team , and it was an amazing experience that I shall never forget thank you very much for showing N.B. a good geniune time. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team!!! Love, Grace#11 __________________________________________________________
Ray Lynch New Bedford, MA 8-17-2005 08:16 PM
"the King" came down to the S.E.Y.A.A. Bronco baseball field last night and put on a GREAT show for all the fans. Tell Mike the score board lights are flickering on and off!! (only kidding). Thank you for a great show and a good night. Have a safe journey wherever the next "game" brings you. __________________________________________________________
Jake Tucson 8-17-2005 01:26 PM
I wonder how many players have played for TKAHC.
Mike Lynn MA 8-15-2005 06:14 PM
Just had the pleasure of watching "The King's" farewell tour in Lynn MA. What a truly grateful experience. Watched him about 35 yrs ago when I was a kid and still has the pizazz to wow the crowd. God Bless You Eddie 200) __________________________________________________________
Mike Durham,N.C. 8-15-2005 08:49 AM
June 10,1995....had the opportunity to play against "The King and His Court" at "The Durham Bulls Athletic Park " we lost 2-0, but what a GREAT experience for me and those who where in attendance. I still have one of the game balls put away to remind me of THE KING and his team. They were AWESOME!!! 199) __________________________________________________________
A.B. omaha, nebraska 8-14-2005 07:52 PM
hey there...well i see you are playing here in omaha on the 27th of august..and it turns out u are playing a team that consists of my father! and im going to go to watch!! see ya there!
Donnie Chmielowiec Kansas City Mo 8-14-2005 07:59 AM
Long time fan. So was my Dad. So was his Dad. My Dad taught me to pitch (fastpitch). I caught the King several times at different bases (military family-Dad was Navy, I was Marine). What a great show. What a great man. __________________________________________________________
Jim Antler North Bay 8-14-2005 07:01 AM
The King and His Court just finished a trip to North Bay, Ontario Canada. Were supposed to play Aug. 9th but a nasty storm postponed it until the next day (they were gracious enough to stay another day to get the game in for the fans). Had a wonderful time visiting with the Court after the rain-out on the 9th and again when I played against them on the 10th. They invited my son Steven to be their bat boy which was great thrill for him (and me). All of the Court are genuinely nice people and we really enjoyed seeing them again in North Bay. Thank you for the memories!! __________________________________________________________
Jennifer new york 8-12-2005 10:15 AM
Just yesterday someone had told me of The King & his court. I would love to see it in person. I live in Westchester county, NY. Are you planning any dates near here???? I would love to take my entire softball team. Please let me know. Thank You. __________________________________________________________
Jenn Extrim USA Augusta 8-11-2005 03:08 PM
First visit to your website After just a quick browse, Im really impressed Thankyou, looking forward to many more visits __________________________________________________________
Vcat USA Coeur 8-11-2005 11:48 AM
I am so delighted in finding your website! __________________________________________________________
Vbit USA Cincinnati 8-11-2005 11:22 AM
I would like to thank you for so much valuable information. __________________________________________________________
Bettiol North Bay 8-11-2005 09:21 AM
When my husband heard that you were still in the "industry" he began to tell me that his father played against you in Northern Quebec way back in the days. My father in-law Edward (Ed) Bettiol used to be a pitcher and played against you. I was told that he never had a glove. My husband told me that he Ed played against you and one of those games he got into a fight with you (that's how he would always handle conflict) It's so interesting to hear these stories and thought you would like to read this. All the best to you!
Mike R. 8-11-2005 09:01 AM
Good site, i'll come back soon for more updates, thanks and congratulations :) __________________________________________________________
Wolfie Des Moines, IA 8-9-2005 07:31 AM
Growing up in Omaha my Dad took me to see Eddie whenever he came to town. I'll never forget the awsome display of pitching and how excited I was when I knew he was coming to town. God bless you, Eddie, and thanks for some of my greatest memories growing up. You can be sure I'll be in Omaha on August 27! __________________________________________________________
Rocky Holts Henderson,Texas 8-5-2005 09:47 PM
I saw the King back in 74. I wish he would come to Texas so my son could see him pitch. I think I must have told him a hundred times how awsome the man is on the field. Thanks for the memories. God bless __________________________________________________________
tony delli santi peabody ma 8-5-2005 09:06 PM
i saw eddie back forty years ago in watertown ma. i go ever time in was in the area. we did a tv show about 30 plus years ago with wbz tv len berman at that time. we had a problem trying to tape the show his catcher didn't have a cup to wear and eddie would pay if he got hurt. so he walked a way. he played that night.i have picture with eddie holding 2 yr daughter. i going to bring my daughter and her 3yr old and recapture a wonderful moment. __________________________________________________________
Dennis Hicks Columbia, SC 8-4-2005 07:36 PM
In the early 1980's I played ball for WBBQ Radio station in North Augusta, SC. We had the pleasure of playing a warm-up game for the crowd who later was treated to a game featuring The King and His Court. During the feature game, Mr. Feigner demonstrated his deadly accuracy by picking off a runner from 1st base with a blind, behind-the-back bullet to his first baseman. The runner was absolutely flat-footed and was out by 2 steps. Amazing! The highlight was the pitching exhibition by The King after their game. The last time I saw that kind of accuracy, it involved target practice with a sniper rifle. Mr. Feigner, Congratulations on 60 years! You are truly THE BEST.
Ann NJ 8-4-2005 07:42 AM
I first saw the "King" when I was a score keeper for the HLR Fast Pitch softball team in the early 70's. It was then that I met Hoppe. The King was awesome then and awesome now. God Bless -Stay well. For God and Country, Home of the Free Because of the Brave. __________________________________________________________
Patsy Bourget, ON Canada 8-3-2005 06:25 PM
In the mid 60's my Dad took me to see you play when you were in Ottawa (a couple of times). I was quite the Daddy's girl and loved going anywhere with him, but this outing has stayed with me all these years! Dad explained to me that in the late 40's he had played against you and that you were amazing (not likely - my Dad was the BEST!!) - well I was wrong, and you really had him beat when it came to playing ball!! I am sorry I missed you when you came on July 17, but opted out because I probably would have turned into a blubbering idiot with the flood of good memories that would have come back at me. You see, Dad passed away in 1984 and I still miss him terribly, and watching you play ball would have put me back in that happy (and very misty eyed) place! Thank you so much for doing what you do and bringing so many good memories to all that are priveledged enough to experience your talent!!! __________________________________________________________
Gord Ontario 8-2-2005 08:31 PM
Back in the late 60's my Dad took me to see The King and His Court in Staten Island NY. I just took my son to see the show in Port Perry Ontario, so we've come full circle...and it was a blast. The talent and showmanship (and show "woman" ship) were extremely entertaining. If you're looking for a good fun night out you can't beat it. And in this age of superstar athletes who don't have the courtesy to give fans the time of day it was great seeing the players talking to the kids, signing autographs and just making themselves available long after the game was over. The team you guys played in Port Perry had some pretty good talent, and I could see Hoppe's competitive fire....but he never lost sight of "the show"...The banter by all the players was great. Amazing show guys...if you're out this way next year I'll be there. __________________________________________________________
Deb Hines Lynn, MA 8-2-2005 01:17 PM
Many years ago, The King and His Court came to Lynn for a show. My dad took my brother and I, and at the time I thought it was just going to be another boring softball game but he promised me that this one would be different. Now it's probably 25+ years later and the King is returning to Lynn so I called my Dad and asked him to go. I don't remember all the details of the day then, but what I do remember is being amazed at the show and spending a beautiful night with my Dad. __________________________________________________________
Matt Parish Long Island, New York 8-2-2005 11:54 AM
Hello- I was staying at The Days Inn on 7/30 in PA and wanted to meet you and ask for your autograph but the clerk at the desk was unable to give me a room number due to hotel policy. He did give me your poster that was advertising your appearance against The Mt.Olive All-Stars and I was wondering if there was an address I could send this to for you to sign. Thanks for all the legendary moments you have provided over the years! Best Regards- Matt Parish The Contributor 25 Feldland Street Bohemia,NY 11716 __________________________________________________________
Bruce Dickey Victoria, B.C. Canada 7-31-2005 08:47 PM
Doug Smith Virginia Beach, VA 7-30-2005 06:09 PM
Just wanted to say that I had the pleasure to see the 'Court' several years ago in Cleveland and it was a very special and treasured time for me. When I was younger, I remember my dad telling me about a fabled man who was so good at softball that he and only a couple other players would take on whole other teams and win. For the longest time I chalked it up as exaggerated tales that he told to spark my imagination. When I was living in Cleveland at the time I saw Mr. Feigner, I couldn't believe it. I bought a program, sent it my dad and we shared a laugh. He was so happy. Thank you Mr. Feigner for not only being my childhood fantasy hero but now my real-life hero. All my best! Doug Smith Virginia Beach, VA
bobby Suffern, NY 7-29-2005 07:53 PM
Saw the King tonight. Brought back a lot of good memories. The current cast does the "King and His Court" legacy proud. __________________________________________________________
Derek Pope NJ 7-27-2005 05:33 PM
Add the King and His Court to your must see/do in your life list. __________________________________________________________
Denise British Columbia, Canada 7-25-2005 06:10 PM
Just saw the news asking for a sponsor to bring King and his court to Victoria and Vancouver, BC. I do hope it happens. I watched the team in Calgary in the early 1960's and couldn't believe my eyes. The pitcher stood blindfolded on second base and pitched all 3 batters out! Amazing. The guys had such antics and played around we laughed and laughed. They held a reputation of always winning and sure enough, they won the best team Calgary had to offer. Remember, there were only 4 of King and his court! Great entertainment. __________________________________________________________
Randy Maluchnik Chaska, MN 7-25-2005 03:20 PM
How about booking you guys for the summer of 2006? __________________________________________________________
Bobby Strong Conway, NH 7-24-2005 02:49 PM
I can't believe Eddie is STILL pitching. I played against him with Bobby Faro's bombers 1988-90 in Longmont, CO. Eddie you and your "Court" are an inspiration to us all. Bobby "Pork Chop" Strong __________________________________________________________
Matt Biggs Newport News, VA 7-22-2005 08:39 PM
I was just a toddler then, but The King and His Court came to play my dad's team at Fort Carson, CO in 1975 if I remember right. My dad got to bat and of course Eddie struck him out. Neat thing is that my dad is in his mid-50's and is still going strong as a pitcher and was a multiple state champion in Montana. He's still going after over 30 years and still winning, mostly trying to keep men's fastpitch softball alive in Montana. Tonight I talked to him to recall what it was like facing The King. I hope I get to see an appearance again before Eddie hangs it up. __________________________________________________________
todd mason jackson, mi 7-22-2005 12:23 PM
Mr. Feigner, I just received your book and I would like to thank you for personally signing it. My father took me to see you play against the Jackson All-Stars in the mid-seventies and I have never fogotten what a wonderful talent and person that you are. God Bless you and your family and thank you for all the great memories. __________________________________________________________
Terry Brown Yellowknife, NWT 7-22-2005 08:09 AM
It was an honour to see you again Eddie. I saw you play in Saskatoon 35 years ago and witnessed first hand your awesome pitching display. As mortals we grow old, but the legend lives on, the stories continue to be told about the greatest pitcher in the game bar none. It is unfortunate that todays young people could not have been around at the time to witness the skills that have made you a legend. God Bless You. __________________________________________________________
janet 7-20-2005 11:34 AM
congratulations to you guys, your heart is really big. the style of the site is suitable for all ages, and the design is good. and always remember: home sweet home! kisses, janet. __________________________________________________________
Lori Golden Yellowknife, NWT 7-20-2005 10:29 AM
I saw you play for the first time last night. I must say it was amazing, I hope we get the chance to see you in action again. We had a wonderful time watching you play ball. Good luck in the future __________________________________________________________
Robert Sarsfield 7-19-2005 09:56 PM
The thrill of my life was playing a game as Eddie's shortstop back in 1967 or 68. I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads Naval Airstation and Eddies shortstop and catcher missed a flight so were unable to play. I was to play against Eddie but duty status forced me to give up my spot. When I was let go early from duty I rushed to the field to watch the game and to my surprise I got to play, not against but for The King. Thanks for the great memory. __________________________________________________________
Gary Munday Laurel, MD 7-19-2005 05:11 PM
Missed you guys in the Baltimore/Northern Virginia area - wasn't promoted at much all - probably would have attended all three games had I known. Also just noticed that this is supposed to be your last tour. You just GOTTA come back to the DC area before it's all over! You just GOTTA!!!!! __________________________________________________________
George Albitz Middletown PA 7-19-2005 01:00 PM
Hi Eddie and Anne Marie, This is your friend George the Cartoonist from Las Vegas. I read that ESPN failed to include you in its list of 50 greatest athletes of the last century. Just goes to show…ESPN knows NOTHING about sports! You were…THE GREATEST!! I moved to Middletown Pennsylvania. Send me an email if you’re in the area…I owe you two a dinner! Love your website! Hope your book is doing well. As I stated previously somebody needs to make a movie of you! Let me know if you’d still like a comic strip. Etc? By the way…you two are LOOKING GOOD! Cheers, By
George Wayne A. Simms Carleton Place,Ontario,Canada 7-16-2005 09:49 AM
Congratulations on an outstanding career!I first saw you in the 1950's in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I was in awe of you then and I am still in awe of you after all these years of performing.I think you helped so many young boys and girls get into softball just by watching you play.God bless! __________________________________________________________
Joe Oropeza Pfluguerville,Texas 7-15-2005 08:36 PM
I watched The King and his Court play in corpus christi,Tx. in 1979. I was 12 years old. I recently found your official souvenir booklet from 1979 and was amazed to find your website. I am currently teaching my 10 year old girl how to pitch. I am interested in your instructional mechanics. __________________________________________________________
Blake Smith North Bay, Ontario 7-14-2005 08:53 AM
I am with the North Bay Senior Men's Fastball League and we are pleased to be part of bringing you to North Bay on August 9th 2005. I saw you when I was a kid and I am really looking forward to seeing you again. Best wishes on your birthday and on your tour. __________________________________________________________
Dan & Mary Ryan Canandaigua, NY 7-13-2005 06:59 PM
Great seeing you in Geneva, NY. Happy Birthday and thanks for making baseball great!
fastpitchjunky ny 7-13-2005 08:34 AM
hi there i see you's will be in geneva this thursday , im curious to know what the start time will be ...... were comming from cortland and we would like to be there on time........also is there any fee to have my pic taken with the king? __________________________________________________________
Bob Mancuso 7-13-2005 06:15 AM
I was new to past pitch softball back in 1968 while stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. I made the base team and after a few weeks playing, I was told one of our next games was against Eddie Faigner of the King and His Court. I had no idea what I was into. I got a hit - a slow dribbler down the 3rd base line that any 3rd baseman would have gobbled up, but he doesn't have one. Next time up, Eddie strikes me out blindfolded from 2nd base. Thanks for the great memories Eddie - some moments you never forget. __________________________________________________________
Frank Schlichting Peoria, AZ 7-9-2005 10:35 AM
I am 62 years old, and I saw you play in Waukegan, IL and Kenosha, WI. My brother learned alot about pitching from your book. We played in our 20's for 8 years in Waukegan City League. My brother pitched and I caught. I really loved the game and sorry it died out in the area. We played softball along from 16inch to 12inch slow pitch. You are great and would like to see the King and His Court again. __________________________________________________________
Mary 7-8-2005 11:50 AM
Thanks for all the fun memories!! My dad used to take all of us(his 7 kids) to watch you play. What a treat it was!! You are all AWESOME!!!! __________________________________________________________
Dan Wisconsin 7-7-2005 02:07 PM
Thanks team for the GREAT show at Prairie du Chien here in Wisconsin. And especially thanks to Rich Hoppe for the advice to my daughter on pitching. How do we get a hold of Rich by e-mail? He said he had a web-site but we can't find it?
gary Nelson Olathe,Co 7-6-2005 03:13 PM
Just wanted to say Hi to Eddie Jr and family. I grew up in Lk Elsinore, Ca and knew Eddie Jr and floyd burger there. Great ball players and great entertainment. Best of luck to you all. Gary Nelson
Mark Hanson 7-6-2005 08:13 AM
We really enjoyed your show at Meservey, Iowa on July 2. Thanks for all the memories. __________________________________________________________
Larry Johnson San Antonio Texas 7-1-2005 01:31 PM
Buy the Book! - I sent it to 2 friends who actually played against The King and His Court and they so appreciated it. Amazing Story! __________________________________________________________
Elliot Miller 6-29-2005 10:12 AM
A fellow employee was discussing his softball league and I told hime about this team called The King and His Court that I had seen several times growing up in the 60's & 70's at the Max Meyers Playground in Philadelphia. It made me recall an amazing display of athleticism that impressed me so much. I looked forward to their every return just to witness their incredible talents and antics. Most times I was at the field by myself and would stand close to the team and was able to hear them do their thing because the stands were only a few feet behind their bench. Little did I know that I was watching sports history and, unfortunately, never took a picture to capture it. My memory has never been good - yet I vividly recall the team's performances. You guys were, and will always be, the best. Thank you for being you and may you continue to bring joy, inspiration and excitement to both older fans and new. I will never forget you.
Les Barber Port Perry 6-25-2005 02:54 PM
I heard the King and His Court are teaming up with Roots and that you would have a whole Roots Clothing Line soon, I can't wait, I will be the first buyer to spend some folding money,I want to get the Melton and Leather Jacket and some Golf Shirts, T-Shirts Long and Shortsleevedand The King and His court Track Suit for knocking around I hope they put some of the Kings Statistic's on the Tee Shirts like No Hitters Perfect games Strikeouts, One Hitters,etc. all the best Kingpin for a great Tour 2005 Roots and The King and His Court we'retalking some quality Haberdashery! __________________________________________________________
Stacy WV 6-22-2005 08:38 PM
Hey Bob from Nova Scotia...thank you for your information! I so appreciate it! You wouldn't happen to know where I can purchase ticket would you? or exactly where the stadium is? Please feel free to email me! Thanks again! __________________________________________________________
Latha West Palm Beach Fl 6-22-2005 09:34 AM
Because of circumstances unforseen I could not get to any of the games in Florida this year, which depressed me so since I have been trying to get to one. My friend who is from Wisc and help take her schools fast pitch team to state, who also pitches no hitter endings once open for the King and his Court- she now lives here in Florida and talks highly of him and his team. So since I have missed FLorida's games and this is a farewell tour- Can someone please give me information on the one in Jacksonville NC sch'd for August. I would love to go and take her with me to see him. Thank you __________________________________________________________
RICK N.Y.C. 6-22-2005 07:28 AM
Wesley Bryan Panama City , Fla. 6-22-2005 05:32 AM
King and Ann-Marie, I can never put into words the love and gratitude Iwant to show you two. Your efforts in guiding my daughter to Charlie Dobbins and Peace College will not soon be forgotten.The only time I see you two is when you are having car trouble ,so thank GOD for e-mail!May HE continue to bless you and STRIKES!! to Eddie. You have all my love' Wes __________________________________________________________
Bob Nova Scotia 6-22-2005 04:22 AM
Eddie Feigner, Sr, famed softball great, will be coming to Beckley with his four man softball team for one show at Warren Williams Stadium on Thursday, July 7th at 7:00 pm.
Sakura 6-21-2005 10:00 PM
congrats for this site, keep it up! __________________________________________________________
Stacy WV 6-21-2005 08:08 PM
Can anyone tell me where and when the show in Beckley WV on July 7th 2005 will be? I have tried to contact information sources and no one seems to know. I would love to see him perform again! Thanks! __________________________________________________________
Rencontre France 6-21-2005 04:07 AM
Interesting web site. We encourage everyone to support our troops in any way possible.
Patrick Boston 6-17-2005 02:58 PM
Loved the site, wish you the best. Greetings from Boston! __________________________________________________________
Melvin Weigel Platteville WI. 6-17-2005 09:23 AM
I watched you play 2 times in my life time.When I was in hight school in the 48 or 49 about that time in Platteville WI and then in the 90 I attended a game with my Grand son in Madison WI . Enjod the game both times __________________________________________________________
Vladimir Los Angeles 6-16-2005 08:27 PM
This is a nice place to remember. Thank you for creating and maintaining a place like this, and thak you for giving me the opportunity to leave my message. Good Luck and good bye!! __________________________________________________________
Mark Neenan 6-14-2005 07:43 AM
My father told me many stories of the "King and His Court" as a young boy growing up. He had seen the King play several times. Then I read the story that appeared in Sports Illustrated many years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I would have loved to seen him play in his prime! Mark __________________________________________________________
Bob Norton Springfield, VA 6-13-2005 08:49 AM
Through some research and several phone calls I found out the sponsor for the July 9th event in McLean, VA is the McLean Little League. Their posters are currently being printed and they will have event details on their website in the next week or so. Their site is www.mcleanll.com Bob..... __________________________________________________________
J.J. RITE Vancouver 6-11-2005 10:18 PM
Hi Eddie,Les your Catcher told me about your website. My father took me to see you when you came to Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA. I think it was either 1957 or 58. I still remember I sat right near first base. "What a surprise that runner got when you pitched that ball behind your back and threw him out. WOW. I was 12...You inspired me into a pitching career which I enjoyed. Saved me from the streets. You have done wonders for kids over the years. Thanks for all the memories."You are the KING" __________________________________________________________
Jackie Fergestad Portage, WI 6-11-2005 07:57 AM
Please give me time and place info for your appearance in Wisconsin on June 23rd. Also please include ticket information and availability. Thanks! __________________________________________________________
Tammy Clarke Chesterfield Va 6-10-2005 07:12 PM
I would like to know about the location of your game on July 9th in northern Va. It is difficult to attend the game with only limited information. Please let me know soon!!!!! We issed you last year when you came to Norfolk area. Thanks Tammy Clarke __________________________________________________________
Mark Springfield, VA. 6-10-2005 06:31 AM
I see on your schedule that you will be in Mclean, VA on July 9th and Baltimore, Md. on the July 10th. Where can I get more information about those events? I don't want to miss both. Mark __________________________________________________________
Bob Norton Springfield, Virginia 6-7-2005 11:38 AM
I saw Eddie and his Court play while I was a junior in high school over 40 years ago. I can still remember how great it was and what a remarkable talent I was seeing that day. The current NCAA Women's Softball tourment got me talking about Eddie to my kids so I visited your website. That was great. I see on your schedule that you will be in Mclean, VA on July 9th. Where can I get more information about that event? I don't want to miss it. Bob...... __________________________________________________________
bob bauch 6-7-2005 08:57 AM
I played against Ed at Thelen Stadium in Chicago in 1958. We were one of the best fastpitch softball teams in Milwaukee,WI at the time. He, of course, beat us 9-2. I faced him 3 times in rhe game. The first time he struck me out blindfoled, then 2nd time he struck me out from 2nd base. The last time up he piched to me from center field and I someout got a hit.He also pitched to others on my team by throwing the ball behind his back. I played baseball for 4 years in high school, but switched to fastpitch softball after high school. The game is much quicker & more fun.Playing against Ed was the highlight of my career. Thanks, Bob Bauch __________________________________________________________
Larry Legro Sun Prairie WI 6-7-2005 04:35
Eddie Feigner, the pitcher and founder of The King and His Court fastpitch four person softball team, would, in my humble opinion, make a great theme for a pinball machine. But it appears Stern is the last venue of possibly creating one. If you still make a few per year, consider this as the theme. Visit www.kingandhiscourt website to contact Eddie's wife, Anne Marie if this could become a product of yours. Eddie Feigner is an American legend, and Evel Knieval (who is a theme of a pinball machine from Bally that I own) modeled his uniform after Eddie Feigner's. Eddie is also a friend of Gordie Howe, who also has a machine themed after him. Just adding a thought to your company. Larry Legro Sun Prairie WI __________________________________________________________
bob w. Monterey,CA 6-6-2005 02:29 PM
Dear Mr. Feigner, I was blessed to see you pitch three times in the late sixties/early seventies in the Philadelphia area. Twice against the great George Ulmer of Flatiron fame. Your skills were amazing. Your showmanship was wonderful. Those games are beautiful memories for me and my Dad who is now eighty. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and providing all who watched you perform with memories for a lifetime. God bless you.
ito 6-6-2005 02:13 PM
Hello I would like to congratulate you for your wonderful site. best regards. __________________________________________________________
Holly 6-5-2005 09:15 PM
ann marie, Thank you so much for taking time out of your dya to talk to me. It was really nice to talk to u. i met you at applebees in dubuque iowa. I took every thin gu said to heart and it has made me think about the way i do things so much more different. You are a great friend im very blessed to of had the chance to meet you. nikki sys thank you for the memeory book. she just received hers today. about my little sister i dont know if u remeber me telling you but she has spinabifida (not sure if spelt right) and she graduated june 3rd from 6th grade i was very excited for her i didnot however get the chance to see her get her certificate because i had to work but she has a long and tough road ahead of her if everyone could pray for her well being and for her to succced in school i would greatly appreciate it. thank you so much for all you do. i hope some day i can come see the show. Holly __________________________________________________________
Randy Dressler 6-5-2005 08:43 AM
It has been close to 35 years since I watched the "King and his court" play at a small diamond in rural Mt Hope, Wisconsin. I am looking forward to watching them again, in Prairie du Chien. Thanks __________________________________________________________
Larry Lego Sun Prairie WI 6-4-2005 04:09 AM
Saw your team for the first time on May 31, in Madison WI, but I have heard of you for many years. I bought your book, and have already read it. I grew up in the same era as Eddie writes about. I threw stones at streetlights too, and polished my skills on the sandlots of America. Eddie needs a pinball machine made with The King and His Court as the theme. All the greats have had one made after them, even Gordie Howe (registered name). Contact Bally in Chicago and give them the idea, I am sure you will be given artistic input. I would love to play this pinball game (the flippers could be replicas of bats, a fast pitch ball chute could be a feature, Annie Marie could be the "babe" they always have on the backglass (no offense Annie Marie), etc). My only regret is that I never got to play/bat against Mr. Feigner, that would have been so cool even if I would have been striked out. God Bless you all, it was a real treat to me a fan of yours forever, seeing you play. __________________________________________________________
joshua France 6-3-2005 07:14 AM
Dick Ryder Eau Claire, WI 6-1-2005 09:54 AM
I first saw The King and his Court in Eau Claire, WI at Carson Park (Henry Aaron field) in 1964 when I was 14 yrs. old. I remember how gracious, skilled and fun loving Eddie was with the fans, especially us kids. Eddie is a great American and he always thought of others first. I know God has embraced him and blesses us with his presence. Thank You Eddie. __________________________________________________________
Chad Sun Prairie, WI 6-1-2005 07:49 AM
Saw the show yesterday. I felt a little mis-lead when the King showed up on the sidelines and didn't play at all. I wish I would have had a chance to see him pitch. The talent was great and the show was entertaining. Thanks for the memories.
joshua France 5-31-2005 06:19 AM
Joe D'Amico Brick, NJ 5-27-2005 07:12 PM
I have never seen the KING in person, only on tv, but it made a lasting inpression on me. I put him with all the greats in their sport, the likes of the "Babe", "Michael Jorden", and "Jim Brown", and the "King" for softball. I hope to see you in person this July in Rahway NJ. __________________________________________________________
Robert lauver Pennsylvania 5-27-2005 04:41 PM
I have an autographed program of the King and His Court from 1982. I was wondering if there was anyone interested in buying it? __________________________________________________________
Lorie France 5-27-2005 07:11 AM
I will be honest this the best site i have ever seen. Friends please take my congratulations ! __________________________________________________________
Jon McNamara 5-26-2005 08:42 AM
The King and His Court game in Madison, Wis. on Tuesday, May 31st is FREE for all Charter customers who bring a Charter bill with them to the game on the day of the game and $5 for everyone else. First pitch is scheduled for 6:30 P.m. __________________________________________________________
Cary Dohman 5-26-2005 08:00 AM
The Madison Mallards and Charter Communications are thrilled to announce that the world famous softball team The King and His Court will bring their 2005 Farewell Tour to Warner Park. The game will take place at the Duck Pond Tuesday, May 31st at 6:00 p.m., prior to the Charter Communications Celebrity Softball Game. For more information please contact the Mallards at 608-246-4277 or email __________________________________________________________
MARK TERRILL milw. wi 5-25-2005 05:27 AM
Wanted to find out where you are playing in Madison, WI. on May 31, 2005!!! Please advise thanks Mark Terrill __________________________________________________________
France 5-24-2005 03:23 AM
Very good site congratulations ! I want to say u, that I like your work, it's really nice. __________________________________________________________
Russell W. Ganz Pompton Lakes, NJ 5-23-2005 08:04 PM
Mr. Feigner, Thank You Very Much for hours of entertainment you have brought to our family over the years. Our whole family would come to to see The King and His Court at Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ. The teams entertainment style and your pitching ability will always be something I will remember. The last time I saw you pitch was in Wayne, NJ, Playing the local Ford Dealership Team. At that time, I noticed that you were having trouble with your knees. My father had knee replacement surgery just prior to your game in Wayne. To his credit, he was in the grandstands that night with us. I hope that if you had the same surgery, that you are doing as well as he has. I look forward to seeing you in Mt Olive, NJ in July. My family and I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a Very Sucessful 2005 Tour. Thank You , Russ __________________________________________________________
bob keaney Lynn, Mass. 5-22-2005 12:14 AM
FRASER FIELD IN LYNN, MASS. is where King Edward The Fastest and His Court of Three, performed about 30 times. The park, built in 1940, was always packed to watch the guy with the butch haircut perform miracles. Thanks Ed. We love you in Lynn and always will. We pray you come back in 2005. Please contact me if you wish to play FRASER FIELD again.God Bless You. You have enhanced our lives with your sportsmanship and fatherhood and your love for people. May the Force be with you.
David Willey Oak Park,, Il 5-17-2005 09:56 PM
King, I can't believe you are still pitching, that is amazing!! I played against you in West Warwick RI about 27 years ago. You were an old timer then! I like to tell anybody that knows anything about softball that I have a .500 career average vs. the King. Unless someone asks I always forget to mention that my career average was based on one lucky hit in two at bats. I got the hit the first time up and the next time up you decided to show me who was boss and struck me out on three pitches that I missed by at least a foot. I remember that I thought each pitch was belt high but all 3 were over my head. I have wondered for all these years if you really made the ball rise. It sure seemed like it. It was great fun and and honor to play against you and your team. You are a great showman.Your pitching skill cannot be adequately described with words. One had to see it and when I saw it you were about 55 years old. I can't imagine how good you must have been at 25. Thanks for the memories.Which reminds me I don't think Iever told me 16 year old son I hit .500 against you. I am going to do that right now! And when I have grand children I will tell them too. Thanks again.Good luck on your farewell tour. David Willey __________________________________________________________
Rechelle Hoppers Trenton 5-12-2005 07:04 AM
I got to hang out with the King and his wife. They are two of the most wonderful people out there. They are both pationate about the game and their fans. I have learned alot from them while I was with them. They taught me alot about the game. I hope they have a safe and wonderful tour this summer. God bless them, their famalies, and the team.
Stacy WV 5-8-2005 01:43 PM
I saw the King and his court in Huntington, WV in 1991. What an amazing show! I was happily surprised to see that they are returning to our are and I am looking forward to see the show again in Beckley this summer. Rich Hoppe was the highlight of a rain-filled evening 14 years ago. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world! Stacy Hunter
Robert R. Budner 4-26-2005 12:25 PM
I played against the King on a football field in Bedford, Ohio. He struck me out twice, but I did get 2 foul tips. He shut us out, but he threw a change up to one of our players and he hit a triple to right field. Needless to say he died on third. __________________________________________________________
Dave Eberly 4-24-2005 09:30 AM
I met Eddie when I was 12or13yrs old which would of been 1975 or76 in Fort Erie Ont Canada. He played against my hardball coaches team Roland Daku who played for the Stevensville Firefighters. I remember they tied 2-2 and after Eddie asked to see me as I had already noticed him in the crowd in some of my league games earlier in the week. He told me I was good enough to play for his team some day. Well Im 42 yrs old now and met alot of good ballplayers in my life but noone near as good as Eddie Feighner. Now im doing artwork for charities and almost have a doodle done of Eddie if anyone has his address I would like to send him a copy. __________________________________________________________
Richard Danback Manning,S.C. 4-21-2005 12:23 PM
I was born in Bayonne,N.J.and lived in NJ till I moved to SC ten years ago.I saw you pitch over ten times in my life and always enjoyed watching you and the team.It was great seening you strke out my gym teachers who said they would hit you.Happy birthday and I hope you have many more. Ihope to bring my grand daughter to see you team play when you are in the south. You bruoght great fun to all who had the honor to see you play. __________________________________________________________
Mark A. Fraley Waco, Texas 4-21-2005 06:51 AM
Tom Waden Waco, Texas 4-20-2005 11:50 AM
It was a priviledge meeting you yesterday (4/19/05). The book was so interesting that I could not put it down. I am looking forward to the exhibition game tonight at Baylor University. Keep up the good work by spreading the wonderful things about the game of softball. __________________________________________________________
Les Barber Port Perry, Ontario, Canada 4-19-2005 05:29 PM
Happy Birthday Kingpin "I Told Once You Son of a Gun Your The Best There's Ever Been" I was your Catcher and I played against you so I know, because I have caught or hit against them all! From all the people that Love you in Canada we wish you a Great Year and many more, may God Bless and Keep you and Anne Marie The Queen, Healthy and doing just what your doing.Your Friend Allways Les Thank You For The Harvey Wall Bangers But I Just Cain't Barber.!!!!! __________________________________________________________
John and Karin Gililland Red Oak, Texas 4-11-2005 05:23 PM
In December 1999 my family drove to San Diego, California from Red Oak, Texas to get pitching lessons for our daughters, Lisa and Jamie. They were 14 and 12. We spent 3 days in San Diego and struck up a great friendship with the King and Ann Marie. We went to the San Diego Zoo, swimming at the beach and played some golf. Both Eddie and Ann Marie have mean putting strokes. Ann Marie and Eddie encouraged my daughters to play golf even if they were busy with softball. One week after returning from California I (Karin) was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Through my treatments we continued to stay in touch with Eddie and Ann Marie even going to some of their tour events when they came to Texas and having them to dinner one night at our home in Red Oak. Today, 5 years later I am cancer free and our youngest daughter, Jamie is 18 and just became District Champion on her High School golf team. She shot an 89 the first day and an 82 the second. We have been so blessed to be able to call Eddie and Ann Marie our friends. We thank them for their support and encouragement of our daughters through their sports endeavors. __________________________________________________________
Terry Fenwick Linden, NC 4-8-2005 10:02 AM
I couldn't believe Mr. Feigner was still pitching. I have seen three games during my tenure in the military and they were definitely a highlight and a treasure I will always remember. Thanks for providing an excellent example of sportsmanship and love for humanity. I hope your recovery goes well.
Angel F. Almodovar Yauco, Puerto Rico 4-6-2005 10:21 AM
First time I saw this 4 man team The King and His Court I was 7 years old. I saw the team on a visit you pay to a small town called Sabana Grande in Puerto Rico.I believe the year was 1978 maybe '79. I became an instant fan then and there and as a matter of fact I still have the teams souvenier magazine my father bought that night. I must say it is one of my favorite memories from my childhood. I am 34 now and a softball player. And it is my dream of someday meeting the team and maybe even playing against it. That sure would be something else for me. __________________________________________________________
Mike Brown Macon, Ga. 31201 4-5-2005 05:20 PM
Will you be touring Georgia any this summer. I have had the honor to have played aginst the King on numerous occasions and that he and the Court are a class act. Mike Brown PO Box 7083 Warner Robins, Ga. 31095-083
Larry Shelnutt Newnan, Ga. 4-5-2005 01:20
This is our web site for 16 & Under Ga. Impact. Please visit it and check out "albums." "The King and His Court" are a special album with some treasured pictures for us. Thanks for being who you all are.
pierce outlaw longwood, fl 4-4-2005 08:44 AM
I had the honor and priveledge of playing against the "King and His Court" this past Saturday night in Altamonte Springs, FL. It was truly a memorable experience as I had hoped to face the King as a college player in the early 80's in Georgia but our coach wouldn't let us! Anyway, after 24 years I finally got my chance and lined out hard on a 2/1 count. The joy and sacrifice that the King and His Court bring to the game and to the event is very special and you are the greatest ambassadors of the game in history. May God Bless you all Eddie, Ann Marie, Jack, Rich and Dave! Thanks for all the special memories!!! windsor,ontario.canada
George Brown tampa fl 3-31-2005 12:03 PM
Was fortunate enough to play against your team in Teagu, Korea 1990. Even got to pitch 2 innings and managed a hit off Rich Hoppe. What a remembrance. Thank you for the opportuity and all you have done for softball throughout the world. __________________________________________________________
Jon Pensacola, FL 3-31-2005 08:37 AM
My dad brought me to see The King and His Court in Gulf Breeze, FL back in the late 70's. The park that I watched you guys at has since been destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. Last night, I brought my son and a friend of his to see ya'll in Pensacola. Your show was as incredible as ever. Non only that, but you helped to raise funds for Rebuild Northwest Florida, an organization that is coordinating the several year effort to get this part of Florida back on its feet after Hurricane Ivan. There are still several hundered people who can't return to their homes because of the damage. Last night's game gave us all an evening of laughter, and another reason to come together as a community. You are all great role models as well. Thank you very much. __________________________________________________________
Larry Shelnutt Newnan, Ga. 3-30-2005 11:20 PM
Thanks to each of you for a wonderful show in Newnan, Georgia March 30, 2005. I saw the King play in Carrollton,Ga. as a very young person and have never forgotten it. Tuesday night has the town buzzing about the show. It was as great as I remember it from many years ago. A special thank you for taking so much time with my young pitchers for photos and autographs. These will forever be prized possessions of a night to long remember. God Bless You All and may your 60th tour be a great one.
Dave Walker Edmond OK 3-30-2005 09:54 PM
I hadn't thought about Mr. Feigner in forever. I'm 40 now, and I saw The King and His Court when I was about 10 years old, at a Navy Base in Virginia. I remember clearly what an amazing day that was. If my memory isn't playing tricks on me, I believe I saw him strike out a man while pitching from second base, blindfolded. It brought back great memories to be reminded of the King. Congratulations, Mr. Feigner, on still getting it done. You're wonderful, a national treasure. __________________________________________________________
John Cook Newnan, Georgia 3-30-2005 05:19 AM
The King and His Court, Thank you so much for making our girls softball team, Georgia Pride, and the entire City of Newnan, Georgia the very first stop on your 60th Anniversary Tour. It was a great honor and pleasure to meet each one of you. The crowd just couldn't get enough of the softball and of the antics of you and the guys. I have to admit that after 40+ years of playing baseball and softball, striking out against Rich Hoppe (hey, I did foul one off) was the most memorable moment in my ball playing life. I never saw the third strike!! Jack is a great showman! I have never seen a man his age do a better belly slide into second. Dave hit the ball so hard that it looked like a pancake the last time I saw it. Anne Marie, thank you so much for letting Savannah be your bat girl. See has not stopped talking about it since she left the ballfield. The King and His Court are the CLASS OF THE FIELD. I could stick around for hours and listen to Eddie tell the stories of his life. Thank you all for making March 29, 2005 a night that will live in the minds of hundreds of my friends in Newnan, Georgia. Please stay in touch and if you are ever back in Georgia please stop and say "Hello". God Bless you all!
John Cook Willy Hardy Detroit 3-29-2005 06:17 PM
I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, 1 block away from Idora Amusement Park. During the 1960's, The King and his Court came to Idora ballfield every year. I am not sure what year, but after waiting around as a 10, 11, or 12 year old, I hung around long enough to be the bat boy for the King and his court - a memory I will nevewr forget. Over 35 years later, I brough my children to see the King and his Court in Westland, Mi. and showed them what I meant by the the greatest of all time. __________________________________________________________
web France 3-25-2005 02:44 AM
Great source of information. loved this site keep up good work will visit soon. Thank __________________________________________________________
Chelsea Whittle Georgia 3-24-2005 06:49 AM
Hey, On August 29,2004 I watched you play at Sandy Plains Softball park. Please email me back. Chelsea Whittle
Ed Grabowski Dallas, TX 3-23-2005 10:35 AM
Dear Eddie - Talked to you in Citrus Hills, FL in Feb,05 - great book, can't put it down. Thanks for the autographs. You are in Waco, TX on April 20, 05. Where are you playing? Any chance you'll be playing any closer to Dallas/Ft. Worth after that? Hope to see you in Texas. Best regards to all. __________________________________________________________
larry d stivenson sr bowling green 3-22-2005 02:15 PM
ed: oh to bring back those teen years when I was 16 and saw the COURT in action at Mccarthy park in Toledo, ohio. I believe you came back in 60 and 61. I was working the scoreboard for the city both times. Just like it was yesterday. Are you coming to ohio this year? __________________________________________________________
Gary Donofrio 2559527 Pa. 3-21-2005 06:56 AM
Dear ED, I had the oportunity of playing an annual game on base and meeting you, for I was on the solfball team. You have excited many all over the world, including me. At the time your son played short/third. By the way I was fortunate to have fouled a pitch! Love the game,played the game but never faced a 100 mph pitch. Just a day ago I was telling my grandson about you. That's the reason for visiting your website today. God bless you. __________________________________________________________
Gerald W. Cromer Crestview, Fl. 3-15-2005 07:25 PM
Just wanted to say hello again. I spoke with you at home last fall. I was in the Air Force And played against you at Eglin and Pinecastle AFB's in 1956 and again in 1962. I also toured Europe for ASA in1970. Assisted you with your exhibitions. We saw the chanel 3 news tonight that youn are going to be in Pensacola the 30th of march. Hope to see you there. I am now in a wheel chair, but I wouldn't miss it for anything. I told my son that you might verify some of my old stories.Ha Ha.See you soon,best of luck, Jerry (tiny)Cromer. __________________________________________________________
Debi Milheim Pensacola, FL 3-11-2005 11:25 PM
Dear Mr Feigner, I am so excited about reading in today's paper that you and your court are coming to Pensacola for a fund raiser to help put our community back together after Hurricane Ivan. My Dad took me to one of your games in 1969 (I think) when you played at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA. I am now 44 years old but i vividly remember that game and you guys were awesome. My Dad was attached to the Tophatters Squadron at the time and he was able to pull some strings for me to be introduced to your team and everyone signed my program. Now that you are coming to Pensacola, I would love to have the opportunity to introduce my 2 sons, 18 and 14, to you and maybe get some autographs for them too. Again thanks for coming to our community to help us out and we look forward to seeing your team play March 30th! Very Sincerely, Debi Milheim __________________________________________________________
Hannah Dodson Texas 3-9-2005 10:52 AM
Hello to the King and His Court, I would like to thank each and everyone of you all. You all have inspired me in the dream of fastpitch softball. I was privileged enough to see and pitch against "The Cort" in 2001 when i was only 12. It was amazing to see how great you all are at the sport, and the pitching was very amazing. Thank you all for giving me hope for the future. Sincerely, Hannah Dodson
Bobby Allison Lompoc, California 2-24-2005 12:08 PM
I had the privilege of seeing you play while I was stationed in Vietnam in 1972. I was TDY in Thailand and saw you beat up on some local Military Team, they loved to just be able to be on the same field as you. I even got to fly on a C-130 with you as you had another game to play at another base. We had a nice chat about some of your experiences. Quite a thrill for me. Hope if you are ever passing through this area of California I can get out to see the Best Softball team ever. Keep entertaining your many fans. __________________________________________________________
John E. Chambers Inverness, Florida 2-22-2005 08:19 AM
Eddie: I have been your number one fan for past forty years. I have also been a big fan of Preacher Dudley. Both you and Dudley are the two greatest softaball (fast-pitch) masters in the world. You can see photo of Dudley on my web page at: www.martialartsusa.com under the photo gallery. I would like an autographed 8 by 10 photo of the King to place on same web-page. Please tell me what I must do to get this photo for my posting with that of Preacher Dudley? I plan to be at the Inverness Clinic this Saturday, but my ill 96 year old mother can not be left alone. I will try to find someone to sit with her so I can attend your clinic. Thank you John Chambers __________________________________________________________
Grant Poirier Thunder Bay, ON Canada 2-16-2005 05:16 PM
In the very early '70's as a 10 or 11 year old, my Father talked about "The King and his Court" coming to Thunder Bay, which was known as Port Arthur back then, and that he was taking me to see them. Wow, I thought I'm gonna see a "King", thinking of course of some Regal Being with a Crown. When he said the "King" was a fastball pitcher, of extreme capabilities, I still pictured Royalty, with a Crown and when I inquired what a "Court" was, I was still thinking Royalty, who happened to play Fastball, as that is all I was familiar with, as back then up here in the North, Baseball was something rare. Upon going to the actual game I was looking all over for a Guy with a Crown. Now with all this being over 35 years ago, what I actually saw was very unforgetable, but when I saw Half a team take the field against our local All-Stars, who were to me, Icons, I thought they didn't all show up, especially the King as I found no one wearing a Crown. After witnessing one after another of my Local Heroes go down at the plate, all thought of Crowns soon were forgotten, but I did figure out what the "Royalty" part was. King: Thanks for the memories and I really hope you make it back here and I actually get a chance to shake your hand. If that never happens, here's a "High Five" from afar.
steve picone Boston 2-13-2005 09:58 AM
I saw a performance about 40 years ago and was amazed. How can I get a schedule of coming performances? please send if available. Thank you. __________________________________________________________
joe tucker birmingham, alabama 2-1-2005 09:40 PM
Eddie, i pitched numerous times against the king and his court. i guess my biggest trill was when i struck out your first basemen twice that nite. I believe that he had not been struck out in approx. 500 games. Also remember your shortstop named West (can remember his first name. I am retired (70 years young) and play golf at least 3 times a week and try to fish as i live on laylake. best of health to you. Joe Tucker.
Bob Dennis Michigan 1-31-2005 10:14 AM
I am 50 years old and grew up in the New York Metropolitan area. The first time I saw The King and His Court was on the "Mike Douglas Show". I was around 10 years old at the time and was totally amazed at not only how fast Eddie could pitch, but also how fast the catcher must be to catch the ball. Over the years, I watched the group whenever they were on TV which included stints on Wide World of Sports. My favorite memory was when they had a celebrity/All Star softball game on TV and Eddie was incognito and pitched for 2 innings, striking out a bunch of great hitters including Willie Mays. Thanks for so many years of great memories, there will never be another group like the "King and His Court" and there will never be another pitcher like the great Eddie Feigner, Long Live the King.
wayne king Vancouver, BC Canada 1-30-2005 04:47 PM
I've seen the King and His Court many times since the age of five. Every time is a thrill. Our league had the honour to play againt the King at South Memorial Park in Vancouver, BC and what a thrill. They were a man short and one of our guy (Johnny Singh - Vancouver Thunderbirds) suited up along side the King and His Court. What a rush! It was a great game and "Singer" was awesome, diving for balls, throwing guys out, and even jacked one out for a 2-run shot. After the show it was nothing but class as the King stuck around and signed every little kids ball, glove and whatever they had for him to sign. I still have a jersey I bought at the games and had all the guys sign, The King, Hoppe, and yes Johnny Singh! I was a great night for Softball, one never to be forgotten by this "ball nut"! Thanks for all the memories Wayne King, Vancouver T-Birds __________________________________________________________
Tim Facile Maplewood, MN 1-3-2005 04:25 PM
I remember seeing the King and His Court on the Wide World of Sports 40 years ago, amazing then and I saw Eddie pitch at McClellan AFB in the spring of 1976. His arms were as thick as most guys thighs. Amazing still, a true hero, and one that I wish more people knew about. Hopefully, one day someone from Hollywood will do a big budget movie about this man's life adventures and his decency as he travelled the globe. __________________________________________________________
gene somers Thiensville, wi 1-3-2005 04:21 AM
I took my two sons to see you play in Thiensville, Wi about 30 years ago. What a gentleman!! I am sure you were tired from traveling town to town, but you stayed that night after the game until every kid standing in line got your autograph. I will never forget what a first class player you are. Gene Somers, Presque Isle, wi __________________________________________________________
Richard Fitzwater Solomons Island, Maryland 12-23-2004 10:17 AM
I first saw the King and his Court in the early 60's at Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC. I will always remember that night. Thanks for getting me started fastpitch. Pitched in DC recreation leagues and won the Ft. Gordon championship in 1966. Keep on pitchin' Fast Eddie. __________________________________________________________
Fitz Rick Grubb Dayton, Ohio 12-18-2004 07:31 AM
Hi Eddie, Just thinking of all the good times i had with my friend Elwood Parsons bring you and the Court to Dayton.Those were the good old days.Thanks Rick __________________________________________________________
Marc McCord Oklahoma City 12-8-2004 09:00 PM
One of the true thrills of my life was when I was fortunate enough to be able to promote your 10,000th game, in OKC at Hall of Fame Stadium. A great night to remember. And we were glad to see you and have dinner with you right after the huge May 3 tornado that smashed the van. I just hope that you play a game somewhere in this area so I can see you one more time. I want a copy of the book and I want you to sign it. Kind regards, Marc McCord __________________________________________________________
Dana T. Antarctica 12-7-2004 12:43 AM
Very nice site. Will sure visit again. __________________________________________________________
Dan and Mike Engler Santa Barbara, California 8-16-2004 06:05 PM
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Feigner, We saw Mr. Feigner pitch a game at San Marcos H.S. in Santa Barbara in the 70s and we've never forgotten his pitching greatness. We've just found your fine web site; thank you, Mr. Feigner, for serving our Nation as a Marine. And thank you for popularizing the American Diamond (softball and baseball) for kids. God bless! -- Dan and Mike (brothers) __________________________________________________________
Norm Richards St. Charles, Mo. 8-16-2004 09:46 AM
Saw the King and his Court in 1971 in Quincy, Il. ... Was at the SABR Convention in Cincinatti on July 15, 2004...Returned home on July 18th and saw your game that Sunday at the River City Rascals ballpark. Thanks for all the memories and goodwill the king and His Court have provided over the years to so many people. Norm Richards ( SABR - St. Louis ) __________________________________________________________
Christine Oconnor suffern new york 7-28-2004 12:43 PM
Mike Cohen 7-27-2004 11:26 AM
I just realized a lifelong dream (have been a fan of the King and His Court since I was 14 and I'm now almost 55) by playing against the King and His Court at War Memorial Stadium, Hampton, VA July 25, 2004. With my engineers' club, the Nautilus Society of Reactor Test Engineers of Northrop Grumman Newport News, and the Peninsula Pilots Baseball Club, we raised over $1200 for Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters in Norfolk, VA. Although Eddie usually runs the whole show, he allowed me to introduce him with my Howard Cosell impression. I then had the pleasure of taking Eddie and Anne Marie to dinner afterward and talked about everything from softball history to military issues. This was quite an experience. __________________________________________________________
eric council bluffs 7-26-2004 06:36 PM
have you ever played in council bluffs iowa __________________________________________________________
Rusty Dillingham Hong Kong 7-8-2004 01:09 AM
In the early 60's..Hannibal,Mo.I saw you pitch with my father and was totally in awe.I then began learning how to pitch and I still pitch today in a Japanese league in Hong Kong.I am happy to report the sport is alive and well here.Recently I was named coach of the Hong Kong National womens team which I hope will be competitive in the near future.I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for your inspiration so many years ago.May God bless you. Rusty __________________________________________________________
John Legel Omaha 7-2-2004 08:11 AM
I can't believe it has been 27 years since my dad took me to see you in Sioux Falls, SD. You are a legend Eddie. Cheers to many more W's!! __________________________________________________________
Tammy Allen Louisville, Ky 6-27-2004 09:07 AM
When I was a little girl my parents took me and my brothers to see the king and his court play a game. i don't remember how old i was, but i know was old enough that i was playing on a softball team, and young enough that i got very bored if i had to watch someone else play an entire game. so i wasn't real excited about going. however, when we got there and the game started, i sat in total amazement at what i was seeing. i don't think my mouth closed once. i just sat there with my jaw dropped the entire game. my parents did a lot of things with us when we were kids, including disney world, and watching that game is the greatest memory i have. even now, as an adult, i still talk about it. i tell my husband, my kids, and anybody else who will listen, about the greatest ball game i ever saw. so i just wanted to say thank you for the great memory you have given me. i only hope one day i can give my kids a memory like that. __________________________________________________________
John Dumaw Rochester,New York. 6-21-2004 07:58 AM
It was great seeing Eddie and his Court another time. I enjoyed seing Rich Hoppe and everyone else. It was an honor to take the mound aginst you guys. Hadn't played in a game since 1993 but the girls insisted I do it and I am so glad I did. Beleive it or not it made me feel a little bit younger and I'm sure the kids enjoyed evey aspect of the show you all put on. Hope you come back again. __________________________________________________________
George McGarry MS, USA 6-6-2004 08:18 AM
I had the pleasure of playing against you and your team at Keesler AFB back in the late 60's. We actually won the game 3 - 0 and had a pitcher who threw nothing but knuckleballs. If memory serves me, I got lucky for 2 inside the park homeruns. My best buddy had played against you before and warned us about getting picked off at first base by your behind the back throw. And he was the first one to get picked off. I laughed my butt off. You were great!! Remember the game like it was yesterday. God bless you and yours. __________________________________________________________
bud somerville westland mi 6-4-2004 09:20 AM
king and his court,i had the best time ever to have played against you,i was the only one to hit the ball(foul)of course,it was such a great experience,i will never forget it,and the fact that after the game you signed everything that was put in front of you,and so did your court,eddie meeting you was one of the highlights of my life,you are a true gentleman,today is june 4th i will again meet you at your book signing,am looking forward to having you sign the picture of us together,your the greatest __________________________________________________________
JOHN OSICKI 5-24-2004 06:04 PM
Sam Culbertson Wright City, MO 5-19-2004 09:04 AM
I have been watching the King since the early 1950's. I can even say I saw him lose a game. On a hot Sunday after noon in New Castle, PA, The team was late to start the game. They were in Youngstown, OH for an early game that went 14 innings to get the win. When they got out of the station wagon they were soaked. Eddie still put on the show and then it was game time. After about the third inning the court started moving in slow motion. The most exciting game had two men on and one out, Mike Meilicke up and he struck out, for the second out. They walked Eddie to get Mike back to the plate. They were playing on a minor league baseball field and Mike sent a line drive that hit the right field wall. It cleared the bases and Mike was rounding third by the time the fielder got to the ball. I hope to see the team in O'Fallon, MO in the summer of 2004. sam :>) __________________________________________________________
Bill McCord Terre Haute, Indiana 5-6-2004 10:45 AM
I saw the King and His Courtin 1982 in Dhahran Saudi Arabia. The construction camp fielded a team of mostly filipino athletes, who were pretty well convinced of their superior skills before the contest began. They were good athletes, too, but when Eddie and his Court showed them some of the world's best stuff, the players showed increasing levels of awe and appreciation. It was really an amazing performance and demonstration of skill. Eddie's opponents just shook their heads and smiled in astonishment. They all wanted autographs after the game. Thanks for the world tour of world class ambassadorship. __________________________________________________________
Marc McCord Oklahoma City 4-22-2004 02:34 PM
I was with Eddie when he pitched his 10,000th game at Hall of Fame Stadium and I was with him and Ann Marie just after they survived the horrible tornado in Oklahoma City on May 3, 1999. A handful of other times as well. It's a shame that fast pitch is no longer played to the level that it was 30 years ago. Eddie is one of the truly outstanding athletes of all time but there aren't enough people that realize it. But I do, and I'll never forget him. __________________________________________________________
Scotbuff Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 4-22-2004 07:54 AM
I saw The King and His Court in the 1980's in Hanover, PA. My favorite memory was the King revealing he had caught several of his behind the back pitches in his own glove. The hometown umpire not wanting to say he could not see the ball called it a strike. To this day I consider The King to be on of sports greatest ever. __________________________________________________________
Glen Tulloh 4-19-2004 02:04 PM
One of my fondest childhood memories was as a 16 year old kid, full of spunk, hotshot baseball player, had a coach who thought he was Hank Aaron, and practically was from what I saw him do. But that day in Fayetteville NC (@1979)where I grew up, I watched the King and his Court demolish a city all star team that could have easily won the softball world series down in Fla that year. Atleast that's how I remember it. I was recounting those memories to my family and co-workers and some remembered the name but I remembered Eddies name from the day I saw him or met him. Lo and behold I do a search and there you are. I took a job up in Yankee country Rochester and there you are coming June 11, my mother's birthday. I'm now 40 and have played a few games in my day and it just really warmed my heart to see you guys are still alive and well. God Bless and hope to see you in June __________________________________________________________
John "Hendo" Henderson Eglin AFB FL 4-19-2004 05:46 AM
After years and years of hearing about Eddie Feigner's unbelievable pitching I finally got a chance to see The King and His Court perform this past weekend. It was unbelievable how entertaining a fastpitch softball game could be. I felt like a little kid watching this group entertain us. I really wish I could have seen The King pitch back in his prime. I took away some memories of my friends being struck out by Rich Hoppe and can only imagine the King Fanning them. Thanks for the Memories and the Fun. Keep it going as long as you enjoy doing it King!!! Thanks... __________________________________________________________
In the 70's Eddie came to Kirkland Lake and I had the thrill of catching him in the segment of the show where he demonstrated his unique prowess. I played fastball for 22 years and that was my all time highlite. There was only one king in this or any sport. __________________________________________________________
Dave Rubin New York City 4-4-2004 07:27 PM Eddie are two of the most special people in the world and I am honored to know them both. __________________________________________________________
Pam Roberts 3-31-2004 01:04 PM
The King and His Court came to Sarasota, Florida and played at the Miss Sarasota Softball complex a few years ago. They put on an awesome show!! Keep up the good work and continue to share your talents with everyone. __________________________________________________________
Mary E. Grimshaw Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 3-26-2004 01:07 PM
Twentysix years ago, I saw the "King" and purchased one of his t-shirts. Every year I throw away various old clothes, look at Eddie's t-shirt and put it back in the drawer. I cherish the memory and always will. Thank you. __________________________________________________________
Chad Kuenzi 3-24-2004 01:01 PM
Hey Eddie, I have never seen you play but I have heard about you all the time growing up you were all my dad used to talk about you and your 104 mph softball pitch. Thats crazy my dad is a softball pitcher to well ill talk to you later. Long live the king. Sincerely, Chad K __________________________________________________________
Anthony Andreoni Cocoa Beach Fl. 3-24-2004 07:30 AM
Hello Eddie, the last time I saw U guys play was in Huntsville Ala back in the 60's & 70's. I will never forget the great time I had with U and my Dad ,Tony Andreoni, camping out at Little Mountian State park and U pitched the meanest curve ball I have ever tried to catch??? I said try, because it went around the trees and hit me right between the eyes and knocked me for a loop. What a little catcher I was ??? I am going to try to see U guys in Fla this weekend. Its great to C U guys still KICKING SOME BUTT !!! Always the best in my eyes. C U soon Tony Andreoni Jr. __________________________________________________________
Rhonda Whitaker Melbourne Fl 3-21-2004 07:00 PM
I saw The King and His court for the first time when I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to see him again as an adult with the same awe and respect. With the added bonus of my daughter playing on the same field as them. You guys are great. Thank you. __________________________________________________________
Ted Park East of Los Angeles 3-21-2004 04:14 PM
I just got my "highlights" tape and handwritten thankyou note. How very special. Thank you. I saw the King and His Court only one time in Birmingham Alabama when I was 5 or 6 years old - that would be in around 1954-5! I was watching Jennie Lynch on TV the other day and told a friend about her - and we both ooed and awed. And I said "but you should've seen this guy Eddie Feigner" - and my friend didn't know who that was. So I told them a little and then looked some stuff up in the Internet to get more detail. I was very surprised to find your website. I figured that the King and His Court was a long-gone relic of yesteryear and that Eddie had retired (or, I'm ashamed to say, I thought even worse). How delightful to see that Eddie is alive and well and that the group is still going. I will definitely come to "the show" if it is ever in Southern California. Best wishes to all. _________________________________________________________
Ken Boardman 3-19-2004 06:22 PM
Dear Mr. Feigner, I met you by chance personally at your "Miller High Life" RV at a filling station in Ramona in approx. 1983 >>perhaps the biggest thrill of my life. You gave me a copy of your Pitching and Hitting book and signed it for me. Three years later while my mom was visiting from Sunnyvale we met you by chance at the Ramona Cafe (I beleive) and you sat and spoke with us at breakfast. We had all watched you on Wide World of Sports in the early sixties and it's easy to remember how much my dad admired you. Dad had played for a local Moose Club team in Uravan,CO.(ghost town now)in the mid 50s. I'm retired from US Navy (and Sony) and live in Poway where I'm helping my 9 year old grand daughter learn THE game >> thank you again for the comprehensive, yet concise book on Pitching and Hitting. I find the ideas presented are valuable not only for ball but also many aspects of life in general. All the best > May God continue to bless you, __________________________________________________________
Ken B. Erik Lindmark Poughkeepsie NY 3-17-2004 06:24 PM
I have watched the Yankees win world series titles at the stadium,been to spring training in Fla,shook Yogi Berras hand and watched "The Mick" at bat. Despite all these memories, I think my most favorite one is having watched The King here in Poughkeepsie when I was a child. All these years later and I can still here the pop of the glove after a pitch !! Its been more years than I will admit since I saw the King that day, but I still have the "King and his Court" poster I tore off a phone pole that day outside Stitzel Field. Thanx for the memories of that day....... __________________________________________________________
arne 3-16-2004 10:37 PM
Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information! __________________________________________________________
Latha West Palm Beach, Fl. 3-15-2004 08:58 AM
I'm sorry to say I haven't seen you play, not at least through my eyes. However; I have seen you through someone eleses. Tracy who pitched girls fastpitch in Wisc and even won the state championship with her team has told me so much about you. How your arm is massive and the stength you put into the pitch. I feel the passion you have for the game through her words and memory of you and your team. She like you has much love for the game and I was wishing you would of been able to make it to Jupiter so that I could of gone with her to see you. I will hope for September to work out in Ft. Lauderdale. They say girls need female role models and boys need men. But I say anyone as positve and a mentor such as yourself fits what everyone needs as a role model and thats coming from someone who has only heard about you. Thank you for leaving such an image in her mind and heart along with others from her area I have met and heard talk about you.
Latha Bill New Jersy 3-14-2004 06:48 AM
Glad to see your still touring.I played againt you in Beaufort SC in the mid 80's while in the Marines and it has been a lasting memory ever since.I was an above average softball player and thought that that game was an easy win for us,NOT that was the worse game I ever played. It also was the most fun I ever had playing softball in my life. Thank you Eddie for a memory of a lifetime. __________________________________________________________
Charles Mack Norristown, Pa. 3-5-2004 08:24 AM
I am amazed to see that you are still touring. Your team came to Norristown, Pa. and played our team, Norristown Police Department, for a great fundraiser at Roosevelt Field. I went 3-4 against the King, something I will never forget. The fourth hit I tried to stretch into a homerun and was GUNNED out at home plate by the left fielder. I still have the newspaper photo of Eddie, myself and our female pitcher that was published in The Times Herald. I am checking your tour schedule and would love to see you guys in action again. This was truly the most amazing sports team I have ever seen and the memory of playing against them will be with me FOREVER. Eddie and guys, THANKS for the memories and I hope to see you again soon. I'll bring the picture. Thanks.
Jim Gage Västerås, Sweden 2-28-2004 10:12 AM
I saw the King and his court when a kid in Houston, and have never forgotten the experience. Not only did Mr. Feigner perform up to his legendary levels, the outfielder hit home plate with a throw from the fence, and managed to steal the show for a few seconds! Glad to see the King is still around! __________________________________________________________
Beth 2-14-2004 07:52 PM
My father was an amazing softball player in his day. One story my father has always cherished was his chance to play against the King and his Court during this time. He used to have an autographed copy of the program that he kept close when coaching softball at my high school. He thought it was the greatest book to give his pitchers to learn techniques and such. One day a few years back he found this book after having lost track of it for a few years. Unfortunately where he found the book was in a pile of trash he was burning, he saw it go up in flames and was very saddened. After all of this you can imagine my excitement when finding this site just in time for Christmas this year! I emailed the King and his Queen, they happily signed everything I ordered and promised it would be ready in time for Christmas. Unfortunately the names got mixed up. I emailed them back explaining the mix-up, they assured me that they would take care of it and would send another copy out so it would be here in time for Christmas too. And it was! I was so happy when I got to see my father open up this present for Christmas. He was very surprised to se a replica of the book he had once cherished sitting before him again. I am so excited for this site and for the wonderful and PERSONALIZED service I received from these two kind people. Thank you King and Queen! :) Beth __________________________________________________________
Cathy Finley Stony Point New York 2-12-2004 03:35 PM
I first saw the King and His Court when I was growing up at one of the Haverstraw Little League Fields. I have since played in 2 games against them. Each time I see them play I am still amazed at their performance. Everytime we have a game scheduled to play against the King I always hear people talk about the first time they saw the King play. I hear people of every age speak about the King and it shows how many lives the King and the Court has touched. __________________________________________________________
Muguone Lome Togo 2-10-2004 02:02 AM
I Love your site keep it up? __________________________________________________________
Kevin Perrier Mpls MN 1-31-2004 10:51 AM
As a young kid I watched Eddie and the gang on Wide World of Sports and was in awe of his ability. Then back in 1974-75 I got a chance to play against The King and His Court at old Midway Stadium in St Paul MN, an evening game. Our team consisted of four Mn Vikings players (Two Hall of Famers) and various grocery store clerks from the area. My only chance to bat was the last inning with two outs. Eddie threw two called strikes over my shoelaces faster than anything I'd ever seen. Having never played fast-pitch and only taking a dozen practice pitches before the game (and not hitting one) I was unprepared for him to say the least. I decided to swing at the next pitch no matter what came at me. It worked and I smacked a triple into right center field. I couldn't believe I had hit the ball. A Vikings player made the last out. After the game a nine year old boy came up to me and asked for my autograph. I told him that he didn't want mine and pointed toward Eddie, to go get his autograph. He said "you hit the triple" and I signed the program. Thanks Eddie for making the dreams of a skinny little kid come true. Kevin __________________________________________________________
bob becker wausau, Wisconsin 1-26-2004 01:09 PM Your name came up this morning at work and everybody there who remembered your appearances here at Wausau's Athletic Park over the years will always have great memories of your incredible talent. Any of us would be honored to see you pitch just one more time. Take Care. __________________________________________________________
Daryl Dove 1-22-2004 04:59 PM
Hi Eddie!!! I had the honor of organizing and playing a game with you back in 2001. It is something that I will never forget and the memories I have only grow sweeter with time. I enjoyed working with you both very much. My Church was in a building project that we hope will eventually become a Youth Center. You heard what we doing and you wanted to help us out. The game we had turned out to be the biggest fundraiser we ever had, by far! All have have done for my Church, Community and myself, means more to me than you will ever know. From the bottom of my heart I say- THANK YOU!!! If people today would only do a fraction of what you do to help others, this world would be a much better place. The world has seen many great athletes, but Eddie,in my opinion, you are the greatest athlete who ever lived. Why do I say that? Because NO ONE has been as dedicated, as durable and as dominate,in any sport, as long as you have. It was a dream come true just to have been a small part of your Legendary History. Thanks Again!!! May God Richly Bless You!!! __________________________________________________________
Henry Sanita Michigan 1-10-2004 09:53 AM
I remember the king from back in the 60's, in Hamtramck, Michigan. Totally awesome. Those are some really nice memories. All Hail the King. __________________________________________________________
Valerie Crimins Alderson Milton Freewater, Oregon 1-7-2004 09:40 AM
Hello to Eddie from a distant relative in Milton Freewater, Oregon!!! I don't know where you reside at this time, but Milton Freewater, College Place, etc. are blanketed in beautiful white (albeit bitterly cold) SNOW! Your mother and my grandmother were sisters . . LOVE the webpages about you! God Bless You, Eddie! __________________________________________________________
Katie Horsham Port Jervis, NY 1-6-2004 04:34 PM
I first met the king and his court while playing against them while on a team for Disabled youth .We represented District 19 New York, Challenger Little League.It was so much fun and i will remember it always. I was then invited by one of the team players to see another one of their games.Each Player of The King and his Court, are so nice. I am glad i got to meet them. I hope to see many more of theirgames in my life. GO KING AND HIS COURT!!! GOD BLESS! __________________________________________________________
Sissy Long Starke, FL 12-28-2003 06:48 PM
I saw 'The King' back in the '60's with my Daddy. What a thrill!!! I still have the program...I have always wondered it they were still performing. Thanks for the memories!!! __________________________________________________________
Dr. David Alexander Arlington, Texas 12-20-2003 08:33 AM
Greatest event I have ever seen in my live. I saw the King in his prime about 1954. I have never forgot. Thanks for the internet, memories live again. __________________________________________________________
Wes Anderson Florida, N.Y. 12-13-2003 04:47 PM
Nelson Baez New York City, NY 12-1-2003 12:11 AM
I have for years had this great memory of seeing The King and His Court play while serving in the Navy, station in Sabana Seca, PR. When I would reminisce with friends and family I would show them the booklet that I purchased back then. That was 1976, now I have a great companion to go with it the video it captures everything that I have tried to explain and more. Viewing the tape took me back in time. I would like to thank you Eddie and Anne Marie Feigner for sharing your memories with me. __________________________________________________________
Rex Cruz San Jose, CA 11-27-2003 07:23 PM
Hello there, I remember watching the King and His Court when I use to live in Long Island, NY, during sometime in the early 70's. I even found my autographed yearbook! Talk about bringing back memories!.. I can't wait to see if you will be touring here in California!! take care..swing away. Rex __________________________________________________________
Sam Kegley Columbus, Ohio (Westerville) 11-24-2003 03:10 AM
Thanks for the telephone conversation last night King. God bless the Feigners and all of your family and friends this Thanksgiving week. You have each added so much to the very understated game of softball. I'm sending you my new book, Softball "It Don' Matta" A softball Philosophy. I'm sorry we didn't connect before the book was finished, but all of the fine softball people I interviewed, were keenly aware of the King and His Court. I'm praying for a great future for Kingball, and also for some help and revision of slow-pitch softball. Anything to help adult recreation and avoid so much attention to channel surfing. __________________________________________________________
Scott Lawson Colorado Springs, Colorado 11-21-2003 01:29 PM
To Eddie and Anne Marie Feigner and all "King and His Court" fans: I have just received Eddie's "The King of Softball" video and have already watched the video three times. Not only is the video a masterpiece and a chronology of Eddie's career with his Court, but by using the slow motion prompt on the VCR you can go frame by frame and better appreciate the torque on his right arm and elbow that was required to bring in his Harwood softball at 100+ miles per hour or a changeup at 10 miles per hour! Regarding the changeup, if you are like me, I would have swung five times before the ball even got to the plate. give the video five stars and encourage all fans of fastpitch softball and particularly the King and His Court to go to Eddie's website and purchase this video - you will not regret it. Scott Lawson __________________________________________________________
MARK A. CEARLEY 11-18-2003 03:17 PM
Chuck Henze Elkton, Maryland 11-17-2003 12:18 PM
Dear Eddie: As the sponsor for the game that you played in Elkton let me start of by saying not only was it an pleasure but and absolute privledge to have spent time with guys. The pitching clinic that you did for our girls helped on many different levels. There are alot of life's lessons that can be taught by the game, and it was great to see that someone is still out there doing that. Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team. Jack, Rich and Dave were great guys. I am talking with the fundraiser VP and trying to get another game for the 04 season. Please don't hesitate to call if I can ever help. Your friend: Chuck Henze __________________________________________________________
Tony Davis Bushnell, Illinois 11-13-2003 07:20 AM
I am a High School Softball coach and I tell my girls about the King and His Court but they do not believe me. I tell them about watching them and how amazing they are. I wish that I could take the girls to see them in person but they never come near our hometown. Will they ever play near Peoria, IL? I hope so! __________________________________________________________
Jack Bauer New York 11-12-2003 08:38 AM
King and his Court. By far the greatest Sports figure ever, Right up there with Joe Dimageo,or mantle.. My fathers team Long Island City Tigers Softball .Lost in a match some yrs Ago, And they were pretty good, Had 3 members treying out fot the NY Yankees,What A truly Great pitcher that Eddie Feigner, Also a Class act, And his wife , A class act, what else can I say (thanks Eddie) for all the great games, Made my life a better one sincerly Jack __________________________________________________________
Gary Hargrove Ottawa, Ontario 11-10-2003 12:34 PM
Just wrote a review on the "How to Pitch" book in the "Memorabilla" page. I recommend it for all pitchers, rookies and seasoned veterans. __________________________________________________________
Ken Fioravanti 11-9-2003 06:07 PM
Eddie & AM - I gave the autographed picture to my Dad at his 70th (surprise) birthday. He loved it! There were several other members of his old softball team that played against you in the 70's. They all remebered how gracious Eddie was back then - he stayed and signed every autograph request until everyone had left. What a great legacy - thanks again for personalizing the picture! __________________________________________________________
Dea Crawford Elkton, Md 11-6-2003 02:37 PM
Eddie, I want to thank you both for helping Sissy. Sissy works out almost everynight and using what you had shown her. Ann I Hope you get the letter sissy sent you along with the pictures she had, please keep in touch and take care. I hope to hear from you soon and I know Sissy would like to see you again. Until later Dea Crawford __________________________________________________________
Sissy Crawford Elkton, Md 11-6-2003 02:33 PM
It was so great to have you come to Elkton and show us girls all about pitching. I had a great time going out to pat's pizza place. And to hear all about the king's story, and to hear your's as well. I do hope the pictures I sent you, you can use on the web or in your book. I also hope to see you again. take care your friend always Sissy Crawford __________________________________________________________
Mike Cohen Virginia Beach 11-4-2003 07:38 PM
This website is a great testimonial to an all-time great. Eddie has truly made a difference in many of our lives. __________________________________________________________
Bob Hale Nova Scotia 11-3-2003 01:27 PM
The new website looks great!! I have had the pleasure to play with and against the King and His Court. If you have the opportunity to book or go see this great family event - DO SO - You will not be disappointed Bob __________________________________________________________
Steve Louis Riverside, CA 10-28-2003 03:44 PM
My father (George) used to take us to watch the King and His Court play every year in Richland, WA. It was always an amazing time to watch Eddie Feigner with my dad, my uncle John Barlen, Wes Leichty, and Jimmy Jones. Those three used to talk about the times they got to play against Eddie and what a privilege it was to know him. It was always great to walk up to Eddie and shake his hand. Those are memories I will never forget. __________________________________________________________
Jeff Muenks Palm Harbor, Florida 10-27-2003 09:37
I saw the "King and his Court" around 1968 in St. Ann, Missouri and was very impressed. I was surprised to see they are still touring. We now live near Clearwater, Florida and I see they will be here next March. I look forward to bringing my son to see them. __________________________________________________________
Jennifer 10-21-2003 08:22 AM
Can't wait to read the book!!! __________________________________________________________
Donald L. Emerson West Alton, Mo. 10-14-2003
The King and His Court's new website is fully operational. We welcome all new visitors with open arms. Please sign the guestbook and leave your mark in history. If you have any questions or problems please contact me at Email. Thank you and God Bless!
- 1/10/02 MIKE USA AL I noticed ESPN left you out of their 50 greatest athletes of the century. Just as well. You were in a class by yourself. On my Dad's 77th birthday, I told him ,“Thanks for taking me to see The King and His Court when I was a kid", as it was a highlight of my childhood. That meant more to him than the rifle I gave him. God bless, and keep the windmill turning. __________________________________________________________ 07/09/02 BEN USA Westmont, NJ I heard you guys were amazing to watch. Hope your season goes well and everything. _________________________________________________________ 02/09/02 BOB & SHEP USA Honolulu, HI Our dad took us to Honolulu stadium in the 60's and we saw you pitch. It was amazing and we never forgot it! Just the four of you (?) against a fast pitch team and your team, of course, won. We remember when you pitched behind your back and you pitched into your own glove and the batter swung at empty air! That was hilarious! Glad to hear you are still going strong and sorry we missed you the last time you were in town. Hopefully you will be back to Hawaii soon and we’ll be sure to be there. God bless and thanks for the great time you showed us all those years ago. Aloha. Shep __________________________________________________________ 16/08/02 NAT USA , VA Hello there to the King and his Court. I can't wait to play against you this fall on my select team. See you out on the ball field. __________________________________________________________ 09/08/02 RIXTER USA Sacramento, CA I remember seeing the King years ago at McClellan AFB. What an amazing talent and still going strong. Cheers to you. __________________________________________________________ 13/07/02 BETH USA Houston, TX Hi. You are great. Got a question. In the 70s, my brothers team won the IL. National championship (16 in. fast). He got to play the Queen and her court (your nemesis) at Thillens Stadium in Chicago IL. I can't find anything about her on the web. Do you know where I can find anything on her. Thanks. I’m submitting you to the Hall. __________________________________________________________ 17/05/02 USA , NJ Oh the memories!! Your site took me back 30 years. Now I want to take my kids to see you in Newark, NJ. In June. God bless. __________________________________________________________ 10/07/01 JESSICA Hey guys and Ann. I was at your show tonight and I thought you guys were awesome. Ann Marie will remember me because she asked me what position I played and I said catcher and shortstop and she said she never saw you only play two positions. You play every position!!! Well, I loved your guys show and I hope to come to some more. I’m a BIG fan!!! If you guys want to send me anything when I’m on-line and i talk to Anne, I’ll give here my address. I love you guys. Talk to you guys later!!! P.S. And thanks for taking the time to talk to me after the game!!! Love, Jessica __________________________________________________________ 10/07/01 SCOTT Excellent site. It was a pleasure to watch the King in Beavercreek several years ago and will be a thrill to see him once again. __________________________________________________________ 17/06/01 CARRIE Please let me know when you are in the Atlanta, GA. Area. I am a 14 year. Old fast pitch softball pitcher for the GA. Rage. I would like to see your show. Thanks Carrie. __________________________________________________________ 17/06/01 NATASHA King and His Courts. I enjoyed watching you all play tonight. I had a lot of fun watching the game with my family. I also enjoyed your website. I hope you all are around in a few years. Thanks for coming to Harrisonburg. __________________________________________________________ 11/06/01 Cool! This is an awesome site keep up the good work! __________________________________________________________ 20/05/01 BOBBY MEMORIES-Thanks for the memories. I can't believe after 17 years since high school you guys are still throwing and entertaining. Thanks __________________________________________________________ 05/05/01 CLAIRE Hi! I remember when all of you came to the Amherst Pepsi Center, in NY. A couple years ago. It was the greatest thing watching all of you play softball. I will never forget that day. I hope that the board of AGSL will arrange to have you come back again! I am so glad you are still on tour. Thanks so much! GOD BLESS! Claire __________________________________________________________ 04/05/01 BETTY Hi Eddie and Anne Marie, It is "Claim Jumper Betty". I just wanted to say how happy I was to meet both of you. I must admit at first I was just happy because I knew that my father and grandfather would be so happy that I had met you. After talking to both of you, I changed my mind. I was happy to meet you because you are both such incredible people. It is a rare and happy day when you meet people who are so genuinely as kind, interested and sincere as you are. I know that you touch the hearts of many people. Please, if you are in town and need assistance in any way for fund raisers, etc. Please let me know. A happy new friend, “Claim Jumper Betty” __________________________________________________________ 08/01/99 MOLLY Softball is a cool sport and so is this site, but I always thought softball was for girls. But I guess it is for everyone who likes to join sports. Softball Rocks!
__________________________________________________________ FRIENDS OF THE COURT Dear Eddie, our good friend Barry House, will be celebrating his 50th birthday on Saturday November 18th at the farm of your old pal Bill Tainsh's farm at Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Many fastball players from the old Western Major Fastball League will like __________________________________________________________ 11/08/00 CEASAR I love this game. __________________________________________________________ 26/08/00 ANNA & MICHELLE Hi Anne Marie, hope you made it back home and resting and taking a break from all you have been doing. It was great to meet you and get to know you. I hope all goes well. Please take care and you're a very sweet lady and we had fun. Keep in touch! Anna & Michelle __________________________________________________________ 06/08/00 DRYSTIN "Hi, I'm 12 yrs. Old and am a major baseball fan. Last year I tried going to pitching clinic and I was fairly good, but my coach never put me out to pitch. I was always in the out field. My dad was quite upset about that. So I went into pitching clinic again this year and I was very good. My coach put me in to pitch every game and always the last inning. I was the best pitcher and the fastest in the league! When my team played against my last year's coach, we whipped their butts! My team was in first place the whole year! So I admire you!" __________________________________________________________ 19/07/00 TANYA Dear Eddie & team, just returned from your amazing performance in Butler, PA. I am 13 years old and play shortstop for a local girls softball team. I just want to tell everyone what a great time I had at your show. I never laughed so hard! I hope thin __________________________________________________________ 30/05/00 FAN When will The Court play in San Diego? I was so disappointed that your game at SDSU's Tony Gwynn Stadium was cancelled last year. __________________________________________________________ 12/05/00 BRETT "I got to see The King and His Court two days ago. It was a very good and entertaining show. The biggest thing that has happened in our small town of Naples, TX., in a long time. Practically the whole town was there and everyone was smiling. If you have the chance to go see the King, do so before he throws his last pitch."
__________________________________________________________ 13/05/00 MEGAN I like your website. I am looking forward to seeing you play in Wilmington, NC. I am a fast pitcher pitcher myself. I hope to get some pointers when I see you play. __________________________________________________________ 27/05/00 REBECCAH Hi! I just got home from watching you play in Alban, GA. I had a wonderful time and was wondering if I could get some pitching tips. I really appreciate what you are doing for us young people. Thanks, Rebeccah Wilson __________________________________________________________ 23/06/00 JEN ""STRETCH"" "Hey King, Ann Marie, and Rich!!! It's Stretch, from the Kickers Fast pitch team!! I loved playing against you all here in NC. I wish it could happen again! I miss seeing you guys!! Y'all are the best. It was a joy to play with and against you!! Thanks again for playing!! Love y'all!! Hope to see you soon, maybe!! :) The experience was great, and it won't be forgotten!! Stretch #05 forever and always!!" __________________________________________________________ 10/07/00 TOM ADAM Our dad ( Mike Adam Jr. ) who passed away on May 31, 2000, took my brothers and me to see ""The King and His court"" 30+ years ago. My brother Mike are going to repeat the night of fun later today. We hope the rain holds off! __________________________________________________________ 20/06/01 SUSAN R. ALDERSON "I saw the game in Beamsville and I came to the site so I could just let people who haven't seen a game that you should definitely go! Don't miss this, because no one else in the world can play like these four people. I may be only 15, but this is the stuff dreams are made of. You'll never find a dream so easy to realize as this one. It's been less than a week, but I've been inspired, and can throw 3 solid pitches when before I had 1/2 a pitch. Heck, I got just crazy enough to pitch left-handed, and three strikes later I was laughing at myself. hope is someone to aspire to, and don't miss the chance when it'll only be maybe 2 hours of your time. Go!!! But still the man who started it all, Eddie Feigner, is the true driving force behind this team. May hat's off to anyone who does or did play with the King and His Court, keep it up!" __________________________________________________________ 20/06/01 SUSAN R. ALDERSON I would like to take my family to see a show of the King and His court. We live in Kingsport, TN. Please let me know about any shows that will be taking place near our hometown. My family and I have been avid fans of the King and His Court for years. __________________________________________________________ 03/01/01 PATTI ALLEN I saw your show when you had visited New Castle, PA. Back in the 70's. It was very impressive for a young girl at that time to see. I wish you all the best in years to come. Forever a fan.! __________________________________________________________ 05/06/01 MARTY AMBRON "I can still picture the game at Connie Mack Stadium when you pitched against my uncle who played for the Philadelphia D.A.'s office. The Phillies game took second stage for me that day. I was about 8 or 9 then and always heard my dad talk about your pitching and the came he played against you before I was born. He said he couldn't even lay the bat on the ball for a foul against you. we had gone together a few times after that to see your show and I always enjoyed it. My dad still revels in telling stories of watching you play, or playing against you. Thanks for the memories, and I hope to be able to catch a show this year and maybe take my son to watch with me." __________________________________________________________ 02/06/01 JOHN & LAURA ANDERSON We just saw you last night in Cumberland, WS. My husband was taking pictures. I saw the King and His Court in the early 80's in Mellen, WS. It was great then and it still is. Thanks Laura Anderson __________________________________________________________ 06/02/01 STEPHEN ANGELL "I was at first saddened to hear of the Kings impending retirement. Until I realized that all great things must at some time come to an end. I was a fan of his long before I became one of his stats. Yep, I'm one of the many blindfold victims. and proud to be one. I am, however, also one of the very few who got a home run off of the greatest pitcher's ever. I'm happy just to have been a part of the history. Thanks for the memories and the stories I can tell the kids and grand kids. Good luck Eddie, Steve" __________________________________________________________ 21/07/00 KEVIN ANTHONY Two nights ago I saw the King and His Court for the first time. The show was in Butler, PA., and a few of my friends were on the team playing against the The King and His Court. Also, another friend got the chance to play shortstop on the King's team. __________________________________________________________ 25/05/01 ROLAND APAUTY How are you doing King? Fine I hope. As for me I am still hanging in there. I saw where it was mentioned that the old aching bone bit might be a deterrent to the future shows. Well, I hope not, but if so, I know all about those aching bones although I __________________________________________________________ 10/12/00 ROLAND APAUTY Hi, it's me Roland Apauty. I wrote to you once before. Just want to say hang in there Eddie. I had the privilege of playing against you a couple of times in Lawton, OK. __________________________________________________________ 24/05/00 BUTCH AUBREY I truly believe that yours is the ""Greatest show on earth""!
__________________________________________________________ 25/05/00 BUTCH AUBREY Eddie: I saw your team play three times in New England and I truly believe that yours is indeed ""The Greatest Show On Earth""! __________________________________________________________ 10/07/01 ROSEMARY AUSTIN Attended your July 10, 2001 show at Akron, OH. Traveled 275 miles round trip to your show. __________________________________________________________ 05/08/00 JENNIFER B. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I heard this from my doctor because he heard that I play softball. He started talking about you all. He gave me your name and I found your website. I think it's cool. Can you tell me more aobut you all. Like how you cam __________________________________________________________ 25/04/01 RONNY BANNISTER The Hamilton Gators Men's Fastball Team are proud to have the opportunity to play the legendary Eddie Feigner and The King and His Court. The game will be played in Beamsville, Ontario on Thursday June 14th at Beamsville's Lion's Club Community Center lo __________________________________________________________ 10/10/03 BANTUM USA ALBERQURKIE, NM I'm going to put a fire out or add to the fuel. I mentioned one month ago that Cindy Chavez is my favorite High School coach in ABQ N.M. __________________________________________________________ 11/10/03 BANTUM USA ALBERQURKIE, NM Coach Cindy Chavez is a sober, disciplined, in command - womanlike reaching everyone. I blew up the the previous page. I meditated afterwards, I didn't handle myself in a way presentable for a protagonist effort. My bad. Coach Chavez is beautiful, shoulder __________________________________________________________ 09/02/01 LESLIE WILLIAM SCOTT BARBER I am Les Barber's son. He was a catcher for you in the 70's & 80's, and would like to wish you all luck on your upcoming tour. I would like to know if you have any Canadian dates. Please let me know.
__________________________________________________________ 10/08/00 BRYAN BARBER Dear Eddie, just writing to say that I am teaching my 8 year old son to pitch. I have enjoyed watching you over the years. I got to see a lot of you when my uncle Les was your catcher and have even seen you quite a few times since that time. I hope you __________________________________________________________ 21/10/00 AL BARBITO This message is for Rich Hoppe. My name is Al Barbito. I don't know if you remember me. I grew up on Juliette St. in Bayonne, a couple of doors down from Dr. J. May he rest in peace. My daughter pitches for the Richard Stockton College of NJ. I have __________________________________________________________ 20/09/02 JOHN BARCHI USA Hollywood, FL Have not seen your face in 41 yrs. Till now. It's been that long since I was 8 yrs. Old in Providence, RI. You were great and I didn't know your name was Eddie until 10 min. ago. God bless you. P.S. When I was 8 no one even hit your pitches that night- __________________________________________________________ 06/07/01 JEFF BAUER Just wanted to say that even after the 25 years since I saw you play, I still talk about you to people. You guy's are great. __________________________________________________________ 01/05/02 BRIAN BCGUFFIN CANADA Have been a huge fan since 1950 against Tip Top Tailors in Toronto. Eddie you are the best! Hope you are keeping well and come back to Toronto in 2002. __________________________________________________________ 22/08/00 RIC BEHRENDT It has been over 40 years since I have seen the King and His Court. I just bought 4 tickets for the Sept. 2 game in Sonoma. I am taking 3 buddies to see the team. Naturally, I will try and get autographs. __________________________________________________________ 26/03/02 RICHARD & MARYCLAIRE BELTON USA Sacramento , CA Thank you for a lot of wonderful memories! __________________________________________________________ 22/06/01 RICHARD & MARYCLAIRE BELTON I have been fortunate to see you pitch since 1950 and you still never fail to amaze me. Your pitches don't move or break, they explode! I have also been able to see a number of other outstanding players. It seemed to me that Ty Stofflet came closest to __________________________________________________________ 20/05/00 BENNY BENJAMIN Eddie, I first saw you play in 1963 in Williamsport, PA., (home of little league baseball as I'm sure you know). It was at the old Bethlem Steel softball field. I was a senior in high school at the time and I marvelled as to the fact that your team of f __________________________________________________________ 05/05/01 JOE BENNETT I recently found an old tape I recorded from a special about the King and His Court and decided to look for a website about the team. Can't wait to see the team in person. __________________________________________________________ 05/02/01 MICHAEL BERG I've seen the King & His Court in action twice in Ft. Wayne, IN. They were GREAT! I also ran into them in a pizza __________________________________________________________ 06/04/01 JOE BERNARDI I saw the King and His Court in about 1959 and 1960 in Lackawanna, NY. When I was in high school. I'm moving to Martinsbury, WV. In a few months and will go to Hagerstown, MD. Suns baseball games. I was surprised to see the King is going to Hagerstown. __________________________________________________________ 24/05/01 ANGELA BINGHAM Neat web page. I pitch and the King is an inspiration. __________________________________________________________ 03/05/01 DAVE BIRNIE I have seen the King many times as a child and an adult and the show is still magical. I have also played against the Court twice and have decided to do it one more time. __________________________________________________________ 09/08/00 JULIE BLACKMORE Hi, you all did a GREAT JOB at the Methuen tour. Anne-Marie had chose me to play for you that night and I wanted to say that it was great and I had a good time. __________________________________________________________ 31/07/00 EVRAND R. BLASS Dear Eddie and court, my wife and I saw your show Saturday at Ridgley, MD. I had heard on the radio during the Orioles games tha you were to perform there. We traveled 150 miles, got there 7 hours early to see you, and were not disappointed. I had seen __________________________________________________________ 20/08/00 VERNON BLUMHAGEN Looking forward to seeing you in Springfield, OR.
__________________________________________________________ 15/08/00 BRAD A. BOHY Eddie I remember seeing you in 1976 in Broken Bow NE. Love your show, was talking about you the other night at work and looked you up on the web. Have a great time on your tour. Hope to catch a game. __________________________________________________________ 16/07/01 JENNIFER ""STRETCH"" BOREN Anne-Marie, King, and others. Hey there!! I hope that y'all will be coin here to Goldsboro sometime soon! I missed y'all the last time y'all stopped by. But I still have the greatest memory of all.and that is of playin against & with y'all!!!! That w __________________________________________________________ 02/07/00 LINDSEY BOTKIN I found your website extremely informative. I had the priveledge of seein your majestic play, some years ago. I was at work today and some of the guys were saying I was lying aobut the type of work you perform on the field. Now I have printed proof, an __________________________________________________________ 06/05/02 EMILY BOYD USA Eagle, CO Theank you so much for coming to Eagle! We loved you guys! Thanks so much for all the signed stuff, I'll treasure it forever. P.S. Go back to Breenville, PA. They miss you! __________________________________________________________ 01/05/00 WILKER GENE BOYLES I saw the King and His Court when I was stationed in South Korea on or around 1986 through 1991. I think he is the greatest. I think he was blind folded and pitched from second base. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for being there for many families. __________________________________________________________ 08/02/01 LACEY BRADSHAW Hi!! My name is Lacey and I am 14 years old. The first time I went to see ""The King"" was in September of 2000. I am on The Allen Lady Eagles Softball Team (my high school) and I enjoy the sport very much. I just wanted to say Hi to the King and His __________________________________________________________ 17/07/01 GARY BRINK I saw the King and His Court play the Hazel Park All Stars in Hazel Park, MI. back in 1963. I was a 13 year old boy at the time, and was absolutely astounded by Mr. Feigner's pitching ability. I don't remember the final score, but I don't think the HP A __________________________________________________________ 16/05/02 LARRY BROTHWELL USA Austin, TX I don't recall the exact place or year that I saw you and your court play. I was in the military and attended one of your exhibitions. You were the topic of our conversations for many a day. I was stationed in the Philippines between 1974-1982. somewh __________________________________________________________ 03/01/01 VERNON BRUCE Looking forward to your Texas appearance hope to shake your hand. You are a living legend who dominated his game like no other person ever has. See you in Texas soon. BIG V __________________________________________________________ 01/06/01 JIM BRUNN When I was just about 12-14 years old, you invited me to sit on the bench with you and the Court for the whole game in Niagara Falls, NY. Now I'm 61 and expect to see you on this, your final tour, in Beamsville, Onario Canada. I've seen you many times s __________________________________________________________ MICHAIL BURGESS USA Cumming, GA I saw yo many (30+) years ago playing a game at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada when I was with CKLB radio & although I didn't play, I became a lifetime fan. You were fantastic and I have always wanted to see you again, but have never had the opportunity. Thank __________________________________________________________ 05/06/02 JACK BURKE USA Port Charlotte, FL Just talking to a friend who wanted to see Eddie in person ane was wondering if he was going to be in the Florida area anytime this year. There was a suggestion that Eddie might put on an expedition during the Florida Half Century ASA State Championship __________________________________________________________ 07/05/00 TOM BURKE Dear Eddie and Anne Marie, I want to thank you for the many wonderful memories of a game that I truly loved. You made this game seem larger that life itself. The magical moments and the unbelievable plays your team came up with were and still are nothin __________________________________________________________ 23/08/00 SHEILA C. It was great to find your website. My husband has spoken of ""The King and His Court"" so often. He played against them in the 1950's at Cranston Stadium in Cranston, RI. I am sorry I just now found the website and the tour schedule or we certainly wou __________________________________________________________ 25/02/02 LEE CALAHAN Attended your July 10, 2001 show at Akron, OH. Traveled 275 miles rould trip to your show. __________________________________________________________ 21/09/00 RED CARABALLO Dear Mr. Feigner, I wrote to you earlier this year and your response has been lost in email heaven. I played, and pitched against you in 1974, in Bronx, NY. I was fortunate that day, we won. I was scheduled to play against you one more time down in Man __________________________________________________________ 22/05/01 ROD CHASE Please come to Townshend ro Brattleboro, Vermont. I am 13 I think your really cool. __________________________________________________________ 23/03/01 KATHY CHUMLEY My sister, Nancy, lost her battle with cancer on Feb. 25th, 2001. She left behind a lot of good memories, and a lot of wisdon. Her legacy will live on through the work of Habitat for Humanity, the Ovarian Cancer Research Institute, and the fond memories __________________________________________________________ 10/07/00 RENE CLOUKEY Just wanted to let you know that everyone in the great city of Presque Isle Me is looking forward to having you back. Be ready the all stars say they will take some batting practice before you show up. Lots of love. Can't wati to see you in August. Re __________________________________________________________ 19/06/02 LISA CMDAUGHAN USA Clayton, OK I saw you Tulsa, OK. When I was in the 6th grade. I was telling my family about going to see you when I was about 12 yrs. Old. I am now 37 years old. I loved seeing you. I will never forget that day. My little girl is playing ball, she loves it like __________________________________________________________ 02/09/02 MICHAEL COLE CANADA Fort McMurray AB, Is there any footage of the kings 113+ mph pitches, and will there be a Canadian tour? All the kids have gone to slowpitch. It lacks the talent and desire. I can't even watch. It would be nice to show them what they are missing. __________________________________________________________ 28/05/00 JEFF COLLINS Hi King and His Court. I watched you play almost 30 years ago a couple fo times agianst the Bloomington, IL. GMC Trucks. Softball has been a huge part of my life just as obviously it is for you too! Played at the major level for several years. Now coa __________________________________________________________ 18/04/02 LES COLONELLO USA New Orleans, LA Back in the mid 60s I was living in Pittsburgh, a hot bed of slow-pitch softball. Some friends and I went to see you play. You were a sight to behold. You were already a legend to us and we were not disapointed. On a whim, I found your web page on the __________________________________________________________ 04/10/02 TIM CORDER CANADA Hi! I saw you play in 1979 in Port Albernie, BC. You were great. All the best to the theam on #57. __________________________________________________________ 12/08/00 OLA, REGINALD, LINDA, DONALD, CORMIER I am very proud to have met the King and His court in 1977 at Mememracook, New-Brunswick, Canada. I also met them this year at Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. We have enjoyed the games very much. They were very funny games. They also played very excel
__________________________________________________________ 10/05/01 RICK COSTELLO Mr. Feigner, according to my grandfather you are the King! I was wondering if you remember him and his brothers. His name is Joe Costello from Lorain, OH. __________________________________________________________ 15/06/01 DWAYNE CURTIS Eddie, Anne-Marie, Rich, Jack and Bob. Thank you for coming to Beamsville last night. I truly had a dream come true and all of you know that already. Jennifer and I are still in awe and on a big let down, now that you all are gone. Not for long I hope __________________________________________________________ 12/05/01 DWAYNE CURTIS Hi, guys. As the event organizer for your June 14 appearance here in Beamsville, Ontario. I just wished to deop a quick note to say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we will roll out the red carpet for all four of you. Everyone is e __________________________________________________________ 26/07/02 SHERRI D USA West Monroe, LA This was my third time to see ya'll. Thanks for coming back and we'll see you next month. __________________________________________________________ 16/04/02 SERGIO VARGAS DAETZ Guatemala I knew about the King 20 years ago, while I had been in LA. Now I'm in my country of Guatemala. Maybe the King can come here and show us his greatness. __________________________________________________________ 14/07/01 CARL S. DAVIS SR. It's been a long time you played in greenbelt, MD. We beat you 5 to 4. I'm sure you let us. This was 20 years ago. __________________________________________________________ 06/10/00 LUKE DEGRAND My dad bought an autographed ball. He is trying to find out what year it is from. It is signed by Eddie, Jerry Jones, Al Jackson, and Bill simeting. I can't figure what his last name is. If anyone knows what year it is from please email me at thepotfki __________________________________________________________ 22/08/02 BRIAN DEVINE USA San Diego, CA What ever happened to the old website bulletin board that the King had? That was so neat! __________________________________________________________ 30/05/00 BRIAN DEVINE ""The King"", Anne Marie, Rich and Eddie, I hope all is going well on the 2000 tour. Looks like it from the comments in the guestbook. Would love to get together with you befor you head off down under to start the Olympic competition off right. Give me __________________________________________________________ 07/10/03 CHRISTOPHER DODD USA FARMERVILLE, LA Loved the show. And many thanks to the pitcher for taking the time to work with me after the show. __________________________________________________________ 29/08/00 BILL DONAHUE a game played on Oswego, NY., in 58 or59. Not sure which. Was amazed at the time watching Eddie Feigner the King. Also the other players of the 4 man team were great! To this day, some 40 years later, I've told m __________________________________________________________ 09/05/00 STEVEN MALCOLM DOUGLAS I can't believe your team is still touring. I just happened to type in the King and His Court on the computer to see if anyging would come up and I was pleasantly surpised. I remember seeing your team at Eglin, A.F.B. in the 70's. You were great then a __________________________________________________________ 13/06/02 RAY DRYBURGH USA Beachwood, NJ I had the priviledge to see you pitch back in the early 1970s. It led me to play and love the game of softball and I ko til this day. I've coached young ladies from 8-17 years old and often passed on stories that I've heard about the Court. God bless. __________________________________________________________ 22/11/00 SARAH DUNKEL My softball coach loves you guys and he told me about you and all your awesome stories! You rule!!! __________________________________________________________ 29/05/00 THOMAS T. DWYER My son is ten years old and I have been telling him aobut the King for the last five years. He would love to see the King pitch on Long Island. My son and I believe that he should have a place in the Hall of Fame and we will write. Once, I faced Ed twe __________________________________________________________ 21/08/00 PETE ECKES I haven't seen the King and His Court since I was growing up around Kimberly, WI., and then again later on in Sioux City, IA., when Penn Corp. was playing. I'd love to take my kids to see him fro the first time. Do you ever get to Northern Colorado? Pe __________________________________________________________ 25/02/02 LISA DAWN ELLIS I saw the King play in 1995, when I was a member of my high school fastpitch team, in central West Virginia. I really miss playing the game, and was thrilled to find this information about the King, who has done so much for softball. __________________________________________________________ 17/05/02 CORI ERB USA Worthington, OH Heard about you from my dad and wanted to see what it was all about. I am learning to be a pitcher in fastpitch girl's softball. Your story is awesome! __________________________________________________________ 01/09/00 JACKAV EXTRODINAIRE Just wonderful!!! __________________________________________________________
BOB FARRELL Hello to Rich Hoppe (captain underhand) from a Bayonne friend. Here is wishing the King and His Court all the best in 2001. Best regard, Bob Farrell __________________________________________________________ 22/06/02 MARY FATZ USA Severna Park , MD 21146 AnneMarie, thank you for your call today. Enjoyed talking with you. Passed the information to our local recreation group. (Elvaton, MD.) Hope we score. Take care, God bless you. __________________________________________________________ 07/05/01 ERIC D. FEIGNER Hi, we are related some how. I met you when I was 6 years old. 28 now. Just wanted to say Hi. __________________________________________________________ 06/10/00 RANDY & PEGGY FEIGNER My husbands family is also from Walla Walla. Ted and Gladys Feigner is my husbands grandparents. His father's name is Gerald. We have a daughter who's name is Anne Marie Feigner, born 5-5-93, and a son Jason, born 12-18-96. We will be ordering t-shirt __________________________________________________________ 15/02/01 JOHNNIE FELD Eddie I've been a fan and admirer of yours for 35 yrs. Since the time I first saw you at Englehardt Stadium in IN. back in 1965. I've always used your techniques in teaching girls fastpitch here in IN. Which I have been doing for 12 yrs. Now. Unfortuna __________________________________________________________ 24/06/00 RALPH FERRANTE Played against you in New Castle, PA., in the early 60's with the Pete ""Fing"" Caravella All Stars. Of course I did not see the ball, but you told me to hold the bat out and you hit it for me. At least I did not K. Also remember a classic duel between __________________________________________________________ 07/04/01 MISSY FESPERMAN I went to watch ya'll play an exibition game at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium and I thought you guys were funny and awesome. Softball is my life and that was the funniest thing I have ever seen softball wise. I would love to see ya'll again in NC. Missy __________________________________________________________ 29/05/02 FRANK FINCH USA Atlantic City, NJ I remember when you came to Atlantic City in the early 60s. You played our best and beat them easy. Ron Mossman was our pitcher and if I remember correctly Jon Batsman was your catcher. The right field fance was not deep enough for your guys. Great to __________________________________________________________ 09/07/01 FLEMINGjohn A friend and I were just talking about you and I looked up your web site. I played on a team of media personalities against you at the Astrodome in the early 70's. You struck me out on four pitches and I actually got a squib foul ball. (One of my great __________________________________________________________ 17/07/01 MARIE FOGLE I played ya'll on July 15, 2001. That was a Sunday at Grayson Stadium. I thought that the show was great. I hope we can do it again next year. I hope you can get back to me soon. __________________________________________________________ 23/06/00 KEN FORBES Just wanted to say hit to Eddie. My father-in-law is Gayle Nelson. I think you went to school and played some ball together back at the start. Let me know if you remember Gayle. He is doing fine and living here in Kansas City. __________________________________________________________ 08/08/00 HERB FRENCH Eddie, I don't know if you remember us or not. We lived in IL., and always caught up with you a few times each summer with John, Al, and Gary. Both of my daughters were bat girls for you. The last time we saw you was in Tomah, WI., when Gary was back o __________________________________________________________ 28/05/00 STEVE FREY I saw Eddie and his trio play in Williamsport, PA., back in the 1960's. Playing at Bowman field, he wowed the crowd. Eddie's phenomenal pitching and engaging demeanor made for quite a memorable evening. At one point, Eddie stunned the crowd by running __________________________________________________________ STEVEN FREY Eddie, my apologies for posting four copies of my earlier message to your Guest book. I was misled by the ""Error 404"" message that is generated when one clicks the button once just like the above instructions say. The ""Error 404"" message that you ge __________________________________________________________ 29/07/00 TOM FULK We had a great time hosting the King and His Court at the Fraternal Lrder of Police #51 Field in Hammond, IN., on July 10, 2000. I firstsaw the King pitch when I was around 8 years old and the memories are still with me 30 years later. I now have two li __________________________________________________________ 20/07/00 PATRICK GALLAGHER Just saw the show last night in Butler, PA. My third time. Great show, lots of fun. Long live the King and His Court!! God bless you Eddie. Best of luck!!!!! __________________________________________________________ 10/12/00 JOHN GARTY JR. I was lucky enough to see ""The King"" when he was still in his prime. __________________________________________________________ 14/05/02 ROBERT GASSMAN USA Cleveland, OH My boss told me about you I am 41 and he is 67. He said he saw you in Cleveland, OH. Years ago. Hope you have a lot more fun at what you do. Thank you for your time. __________________________________________________________ 13/06/01 NINEVEH GAWRIEH Hi, Mr. Eddie. I have heard many great things about you! I'm a freshman in high school at White Oak, TX. I'm the carsity pitcher for my high school softball team. What I would like to know is when are ya'll coming over here, near Longview, TX. So tha __________________________________________________________ 16/05/02 REX GIBERSON USA Pasadena, TX Saw you play many times growing up in Lancaster, PA. I also played many times against Rich Hoppe. Wish we could line something up for this summer. Say hello to Rich for me. __________________________________________________________ 29/04/01 DAVID GILBERT I had the priviledge of playing against the King in Newberry, SC. Around 1980. I still have my autographed poster and a picture of the King and myself at my office. I'll never forget, when I came up to bat the first time, Tim Mackey (catcher) reminded M __________________________________________________________ 16/04/02 JIM GILLETTE USA Phoenix, AZ "Hi Eddie. Brings back memories fo the ""old gang"" back in the early 60s. Glad to see that the ""arm"" is still able to rotate without too much pain. Fans from all over the world rejoice that you are able to make this tour in 2002. Hope it won't be the last one. Stay in contact. Jim" __________________________________________________________ 02/07/02 DAVID GIONFRIDDO USA Arlington, VA "Eddie: Saw you in the early 1970s (when I was just a did) at Pat Kidney field, Middletown, CT. I still remember you whiffing a guy while pitching from your knees on second base! An unbelievable feat that major leaguers could not reproduce! Glad you're still whippin' 'em in there and sorry to hear it's your farewell tour. You are a piece of American folklore that can probably never be replaced in this day of video games and chat rooms and the like. Stay well and thanks for the memories!" __________________________________________________________ MICHAEL GLEASON I first saw you pitch back in the 60's on Long Island, NY. To this day I am still blown away with the speed and accuracy. I have 3 daughters who play softball and they all want to be best. We hope to see you play in Virginia on Father's Day. __________________________________________________________ 16/08/00 MICHAEL E. GOINS Email = I was wondering who to contact for tickets for the August 18 __________________________________________________________ 28/04/02 SHMUEL GOLDSTEIN Israel I'm already 40 years old, and just starting pitching 3 years ago in the Israel Softball Association's mens fast pitch league. You are an inspiration, and I look forward to pitching for many more years, God willing. __________________________________________________________ HARRY GORDON "Dear Eddie: I really enjoyed going through your website. I saw you play back around 1959 at Connie Mack Stadium where you played Del Ennis' All Stars and of course you won the game. This was in Philadelphia, PA. If you play in the area this year please let me know. Take care and God bless. Harry G." __________________________________________________________ 24/06/00 SCOTT GORMAN Hey Eddie and Rich. I hope and pray the tour is going great and that you are both healthy as an ox! All is well in LA., and I miss you and the tour. Hope to see you soon. Love, Scott __________________________________________________________ 13/07/00 ORRIN GRAF "Hello, from Florida. We are looking forward to seeing you!! Please email when you plan a trip here. I live in Daytona Beach I will travel to see you. I am 90 years old, you may have heard of me. I am still healthy and strong, thanks to God. May God bless you all. Orrin Graff" __________________________________________________________ 15/05/00 FLORIAN GRASSO "I saw you once in the late 1960's on the Wid World Of Sports and was amazed at what you could do pitching a softball. My three daughters played fastpitch. My youngest is fifteen years old and at twelve was a really good pitcher. When she was thirteen she took a line drive to the head and is still fearful. She can pitch as well as ever but is scared and tries to work only the outside corner. I tried to get her to wear a mask but she won't. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time." __________________________________________________________ 01/06/01 ELVIRA M. GRAY Eddie, nice to see you're still on the ""charts"", so to speak. Remember me? J.A. Terteling and Sons, Richland, WA. You asked me to marry you!!!! Aren't you glad I didn't ? Your wife is truly lovely. My very best to you. Elvira
__________________________________________________________ 13/09/00 GERRY L. GREENE "It is with great regret that I have not seen the King & His Court perform in person. The things that I've heard are incredible. The way you have touched so many people in so many different generations. I too have a passion for the game, while going into my 9th year of girls fastpitch softball in the Junior Olympic division at the 18 & under gold level. We are Flash D'Gold Gold (Greene). You truly believe you belong in the baseball hall of fame. God bless you and your family for your past, present, and future endeavors." __________________________________________________________ 12/09/02 STEVE GREGG USA Cleveland, TN I saw you when I was a teenager (30-35 yrs. Ago). My dad was a very, very good player. You embarrassed him beyond belief, even taking him to his knees while he swung at one of your pitches. While I still admired my dad as much as ever (he was STILL a g __________________________________________________________ 21/05/01 JIM GREGO Keep it up! __________________________________________________________ 20/07/01 ANGIE GRIFFIS The King and His court are the best fast-pitch players I have ever seen. I saw them a few years ago in Michigan. This is something that anyone who loves softball needs to see. __________________________________________________________ 20/07/02 RANDY GYORKOS CANADA Wow. I can't believe I found you on the web and that you are still doing tours. I saw you as a child in Medicine Hat in the late 60's and thought you were fantastic. I still have my autographed program! Great to hear you are still a part of baseball. __________________________________________________________ 22/05/02 BOB HALE CANADA Novia Scotia, Good lick on the tour. Hope to see you out there!! __________________________________________________________ 07/08/00 TERRY LEE HARRINGTON Great show in Methuen. You guys just keep going on. Nice to read about the spiritual foundation that guides you team. Be well, Terry __________________________________________________________ 22/06/00 SARA HARRISON I just now got back from watching Eddie pitch here in Enid, OK. This morning I went to his pitching clinic that he had and learned a lot, and to have fun when you're playing. __________________________________________________________ 12/05/00 STEPHANIE HAYS "Dear Eddie: I just wanted to let you know that I still follow you. My dad was a pitcher also. He had an awesome knuckleball. His name was Paul Forsberg, his team nicknamed him Baldy. He had the opportunity to play against you between 1954-1959. He played on a team called Herlich Drugs in Flint, MI. Daddy died 16 years ago and I now have three little girls who play ball. I am trying to get newspaper articles and memorabilia for my girls so that they can see what a great man he was. Would you by any chance have a copy of the stats or any info on his games that you would have played against him? Anything would be appreciated. I wish you only the best. What an inspiration. Steph" __________________________________________________________ 08/09/00 DEAN A. HEAIVILIN "I'm inquiring about the time period when you will be in the Kansas City area on the 2001 tour. I am interested in possibly doing a fundraiser, but I'm new at this and not sure where to start. There's a lot of girls fastpitch here, a little bit of womens, and a little bit of mens. The fundreaser would be for either a summer team or a summer league. The verdict is still out. Facilities are available, but are in question as to where and how to control the gate. If that's even necessary. Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Dean" __________________________________________________________ 27/11/00 ENRICO HEIRMAN "What has happened to the King (Eddie F.) & His Court? I played & managed Trans-Aire International to the ASA National Championship & subsequent Olympic Festival Gold Medal. Craig Estrada played for me one year, any idea on his whereabouts? He played SS for the King. Looking forward to an update...hope all is well!! EnRico Heirman" __________________________________________________________ 28/07/00 GEORGE HELMSTETTER "I was going to see the ""King"" tonight at West Windsor, NJ., but had to cancel. My son, who I took to New -Brunswick, NJ., to see Eddie play around 1970, is now taking my grandson. I am a life long fan of fast pitch softball having played in Industrial leagues in the 60's. Eddie told the crowd then that fast pitch is coming to an end and it was true for the men, but I am happy to see that high school and college women are keeping the sport alive. Thanks for the memories Eddie." __________________________________________________________ 07/06/00 BOB HEMMES "I remember seeing you in a game in Staten Island over 40 years ago. I often wondered if you were still playing and have mentioned to several friends about you fantastic abilities. I hope to see you Gainesvill, FL. I vaguely remember that you had a son who also played on the team. Bob Hemmes" __________________________________________________________ DOUGLAS HEMPHILL Dear Eddie, it is an extreme pleasure that I read you will be on hand to throw out the first pitch to open the Sydney Olympics softball competition. They could have picked no one finer, as you are the ""KING"" of softball on this planet. Best of luck on __________________________________________________________ 24/01/99 DONNA BERRY HENRY I would like to take a moment to let each one of you know just how much fun I had playing against ya'll on May 23, 2001 in Linden, TX. I was on the Superior Superstars Team and had a wonderful time. I have an 8 year old daughter that plays softball. Sh __________________________________________________________ 17/07/01 ABBY HEUGEL USA Westbrook Grand Rapids, MI This message is for Rich Hoppe from Abby Heugel of Grand Rapids, MI. It was great to see you again and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us after the game! You still look and play great. The game was a really good time. I hope thing __________________________________________________________ 31/03/02 SCOTT HINKAL USA Williamsport, PA Eddie good lick this year. Will you be playing in central PA. This year? Hope so. Keep throwing BB's __________________________________________________________ 23/06/01 SCOTT HINKAL Have you ever met David Scott from Williamsport, PA.? He played with Ty Stofflet in the Pan Am games. What a combo Ty at 102 mph. Lsft handed and David at 105 right handed. Thanks for helping to keep fastpitch alive! The greatest game in the world. g __________________________________________________________ 23/06/01 SCOTT HINKAL Saw you once in Williamsport, PA. Years ago. I went on to play and pitch fast pitch in the Williamsport area for over 20 years. Are you going to be near Williamsport this year? __________________________________________________________ 04/08/00 SAM HOLMAN Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night. Sam __________________________________________________________ 15/05/00 BRENT HOOD This past weekend was a blast, I take that back, it was a large blast. I enjoyed the opportunity to play golf with you and Anne Marie, and the shows were the greatest. After talking with Jim, it sounds like you guys were as impressed with the Kickers gi __________________________________________________________ 02/11/00 KENNETH HUMPHRIS I first saw the King & His Court when they played against the then World Champions, Tip Top Tailors. If memory serves me right, it was 1950 ro 51. The other day I was reminesing reading the program from that sme event that took place at Ehibition Park i __________________________________________________________ 19/07/00 ZACH ISON Hail to the King! On 6/03/00 I pulled along side your van in Key West at a stop light and asked Rich Hoppe for some info. He said you were playing that night and handed me one of your souvenier programs! That was our first night in K.W. and I regret to __________________________________________________________ 08/06/00 DOUG IWATA I hope you come to Portland, OR. If not, I hope to see you in Springfield, OR. Do you know when the tickets go on sale for the Springfield game?
__________________________________________________________ 19/03/01 MARC C. JONES __________________________________________________________ 28/07/00 KENNY JONES I'm going to your show this Sunday at Municipal Stadium. I'm taking my son's who are 6 & 3! I saw you for the first time whan I was 6. That was 20 years ago! I hope my son's enjoy your show as much as I did! I think you are without a doubt the greate __________________________________________________________ 13/05/01 TONY JORDAN I saw the King and His Court for the first time back in the 70's in Greenwood C.C. I was amazed with them then as I am now. They are the greatest. __________________________________________________________ 10/08/00 LIZ KAWANA Good to see someone of such an elite background giving back to the sport that is loved by so many around the world. Keep on truckin, the rest of the world would love to see this wonderful quartet. __________________________________________________________ 21/07/00 DENNIS KELLENBURGER You have been an inspiration to me for 30 years. I survived a heart attack and now I'm back pitching 12"" (slo-pitch) in my mid 50's. I figure you were just hitting you prime at that age! I plan to hang in there until my 2-year-old grandson is old enou __________________________________________________________ 14/07/00 JOHN KENNY Eddie and friends, greetings from Guam. Great to hear King & His Court are still going. I saw you guys back around 1962 in Norristown, PA. I still remember Eddie pitching blindfolded and then from second base. Unbelievable. All the best. John Kenny __________________________________________________________ 22/08/02 KOOL KIJAK Brasil Go get them King! I saw you whiff the girls softball team in 1986. I laughed my head off!! You're the tops, Kid! __________________________________________________________ 05/01/99 ARTHUR J. KING I have been looking for my son who I have up for adoption in 1983. I waited until now because I feel he is old enough to understand why I could not be the father I wanted to be. His birth name was Jonathon Arthur King. He was born in Sept. of 1978. Th __________________________________________________________ 05/05/00 SARAH KISER I am a fastpitch pitcher too! It is fun! Cool! __________________________________________________________ 10/05/00 TRACE KLASSEN Hello Eddie, thank you very much for answering my email. My dad said he saw you twice in Saskatoon, Canada. Once in the late 40's and again in the early 50's. Dad, my son and I are all excited to see you and your clan play in Washington State or Oregon __________________________________________________________ 30/05/01 JENNY KRAUSE Great page! I really admire the King and His Court! My dad tells me about ya'll all of the time. __________________________________________________________ 30/03/02 ALEX KUEN USA Kimberly, WS Hey Court. It has been a while since I have heard from you! I just want to thank you again for what you've done for me. You'll be seeing me in a few years in the ISC! Peace __________________________________________________________ 21/09/00 ALEX KUEN Dear King and His Court, you athletes are amazing. I loved meeting all of you, your information was helpful and appreciated. The conversation that I had with you Eddie, I will never forget. Just being able to shake your hand and have a conversation wit __________________________________________________________ 25/07/00 ALEX KUEN Your players are extremely talented. Every chance that I can get to see you play I will get there! You show true pride in what you do. You are true athletes in my mind and without a doubt many others as well. __________________________________________________________ 14/07/00 RON LAMBERT Eddie, Anne Marie and the boys, the Burlington Softboys are having a reunion in our 35th year of playing and two of the highlights to chat about will be your visits here to Canada in 1986 and 1999. Great to hear that you are ghrowing out the first pitch __________________________________________________________ 24/05/02 MARK LANGER USA Cheyenne, WY I remember seeing you and ""the Court"" ions ago in upstate New York. I won't soon forget. A co-wirjer and I just happened to be discussing ""Great Americana"" and of course, The King and his Court was at the very top of the list. That conversation pro __________________________________________________________ 09/10/03 JOE LAVINE USA NEW YORK, NY __________________________________________________________ 03/05/00 RICK LENARD Congratulations on all of your srccess. I've been a fan since I was a kid. Since the early 60's. You guys are the reason I really got into softball when I was younger. Thanks for the great memories!!! Rick Lenard __________________________________________________________ FLOYD LEWIS Well Eddie, you did it again. Starting first in 1949 in Long Beach, CA., and the last time as of this date in Lakewood, CA. My family, friends and I enjoyed again another show. Here's hoping we see you again, and if not thanks to you and The Court for __________________________________________________________ 21/05/00 MARTIN LEWTER I hope to take my children to see you play. I remember when you played against my father's team in Hammond, IN., back in the 70's. I still laufht with him about the fun that both teams had. He still tells me stories of how fast that you threw the ball, __________________________________________________________ 26/05/01 KEVIN LIDEY This is a very good web sight. I like it very much. __________________________________________________________ 10/12/00 JAMES H. LISTER JR. Eddie Feihner has positively influenced other sports trick artist. I perform one-person basketball trick shot comedy shows that imparts an inspirational and motivational message of surmounting a physical handicap. Despite a crippled basketball shooting __________________________________________________________ 29/10/00 JAMES H. LISTER JR. The King & His Court are a greater sports team than the Harlem Globetrotters. Although they both have performed astonishing athletic skill, trick artistry, promoted goodwill and wholesome family valuse, and won over 90% of their contests, the Harlem Glob __________________________________________________________ 28/10/00 JAMES H. LISTER JR. I saw the King & His Court perform on July 28, 2000 at Martin Sutton Park in Ridgely, MD. I rate your softball team as a greater sports team in athletic hestory than the Harlem Globetrotters and other clonelike show basketball teams. You provide comedy, __________________________________________________________ 17/08/00 JAMES H. LISTER JR. Eddie Feigner's autobiography should be entitled ""Eddie Feigner: softball's King of Kings' Greatest Pitcher and Showman"". It's subtitle should be ""Hail! Hail! Unto the King and His Court"". I saw your team at Martin Sutton Park in Ridgely, MD., on __________________________________________________________ 15/09/00 KIRK LOHR Dear Eddie, hi, I'm glad to see that you're still in the game! I have heard stories about your pitching since I was 9 years old. I'm 36 now and I now believe. My dad once told me that you struck him out from second base! And my dad was a good ballplay __________________________________________________________ 16/06/00 JESSICA LOVELACE Hello, I am Jessica Lovelace. I am Jim's daughter. I just wanted to tell ya how much fun I had when we played ya. It was just so great!!!! And funny!!!! Well, I have to go!! Jessica K. Lovelace #8 __________________________________________________________ 23/06/01 CHRIS M I took my daughter to see you guys and gal play last weekend, an excellent show. It was the first time I had seen the King and His court play. I would be honored if you would sign our guest book. Www.eteamz.com/RoystonMisfits. We are a mens slow pitch __________________________________________________________ 25/08/00 HEATHER MACDONALD I can't wait to play you this weekend!!! I play with the Mustangs fastpitch and I think that it's going to be a very memorable game. Thank you, and good luck! See ya then! BYE!!! __________________________________________________________ 31/03/02 JOAN MACK USA Lisbon, ND Hey Eddie. I know you don't know me but I am the daughter of your cousin, Clarice Seil from North Dakota. Clarice is the daughter of Ida Feigner (Guenther). Just wanted to say hi, and hope all is well with you and your family. God bless.. __________________________________________________________ 27/08/00 DARRIN MACKIN I'd lie to see ya and say hi. It's been a long time. I hope things are going well for you on tour. __________________________________________________________ 20/04/01 MARGO MAKOWSKI I came across your page by accident. What a wonderful surprise. I saw you perform in Winnipeg in the 60's and again in the 70's. How inspiring to find you still doing that which you did, and continue to do, so well. My father, Mike Makowski, was one o __________________________________________________________ 18/06/02 JAMIE MARACZI USA Bristol, OH I saw you play at the girls NSA would series a few years ago and I was amazed. I'm a pitcher and I don't think I could ever do what you do. __________________________________________________________ 19/04/02 FRED MASER USA Galveston, TX I was telling a friend about years ago when my dad played fastpitch softvall. Back in the 50s and 60s. Fred Maser. He pitched in Galveston, TX. I have a scrapbook full of articles from the games where they faced the King and His Court. I think he pla __________________________________________________________ 16/11/00 GIB MASON Three generations of my family have played the King and His Court. My father in-law played the Court back in the 50's. I played (we beat the King 3-2 in the early 80's) in Columbus, OH., and my son played the Court in Warren, PA., in the late 90's. Edd __________________________________________________________ 07/06/01 JULIE MASSENGILL __________________________________________________________ 29/04/02 LEONARD L. MAYFIELD USA Walla Walla, WA Hey Eddie, I have seen you and your team play in WW, and you guys are great. Also worked with your shortstop at the Walla Walls District Corps of Engineers. But, I can't recall his name. Am now working in the Little Rock Arkansas area. Have a good one __________________________________________________________ 07/06/01 DAVE MCDONNEL A big thanks to the King & His Court. You entertained and amazed me when I was a kid, now I had the priviledge of bringing my wife and daughter to see you. You're the greatest, all of you. What talent, and funny too! Thanks for a really great show. __________________________________________________________ 05/06/01 BRUCE MCLENITHAN Got to see you in Grand Rapids on June the 3rd sponsored by B-93. I played against you in 1961. I was a catcher and got to catch you after the game in a little demo you put on. You were fantastic then and you are fantastic now. You are a legend and al __________________________________________________________ 18/06/02 NICHAEL MCNAMEE USA Walden, NY I saw your show on 6-17 in my home town little league field. I thought it was great. If I ever get another chance I would love to see you. __________________________________________________________ 27/04/02 SANDRA MCSWEENEY USA Hapmton, VA A friend of mine gave me your web site, I would like to say, that together we can make a difference. This is very close to my heart, our daughter Stephanie was murdered, March 2, 2001, while she waited outside the roller rink for us to arrive to pick her __________________________________________________________ 27/06/00 BRYAN MESSENGER It was a great pleasure to see you perform at the Billages on 6/24/00. I was able to bring my sons to enjoy the game as I did several years ago in 1977 in Indianapolis with my father. My father was also there to enjoy seeing you again. He has been at y __________________________________________________________ 28/04/01 COACH MICKEY Hello King and Queen, thanks for signing our guest book. We would love to meet you all in July when you come to Atlanta. We are the Roswell Orange Crush out of Roswell GA. We have 7 Orange Crush teams from 10u to 16u. I wuold be interested in talking __________________________________________________________ 10/06/00 LARRY MIDDLETON What a wonderful experience last evening. I nearly fainted when I saw the article in the newspaper about your upcoming appearance in Gainesville, FL. Plans were made immediately to bring my two youngest sons to see you and The Court. Memories of watchi __________________________________________________________ 28/07/00 CORKY MILLER Since 1964, I have periodically described to people the thrill and amazement I experienced watching the King and His Court pitch and play in Grand Forks, ND. Over a lifetime of my own activities such as flying, fishing, skiing, and many other thrills, in __________________________________________________________ 12/05/00 MEGAN MILLER Dear King and His Court, last night I came to play against you at your show. I really enjoyed the night. Maybe see you in Dayton!!! Megan Miller __________________________________________________________ 18/12/00 WAYNE MOORE I saw the King at Grand Forks, ND. In 1971. It was a thrill for me because I've played fast pitch in the military until they started slow pitch. Now I would rather see girls fast pitch than any amjor league ball game. Thanks for all the entertainment, __________________________________________________________ 30/07/00 DANNY MOORE My wife and I saw the King and His Court for the first time last night in Ridgely, MD. What a great show. I hope we get a chance to take our grandchildren sometime. __________________________________________________________ 20/05/02 STACEY MORRELL USA Norwalk, CT You guys are awesome. Our softball team played against you at California Pasture Beach when I was around 14 or so. I was the pitcher and it was a great experience. Thanks! __________________________________________________________ 30/06/01 ASHLEY MORRIS I really enjoyed the ball game in Croghan, NY. It was really entertaining. __________________________________________________________ 29/06/01 LESLIE MORRIS-REAPE I have greatly enjoyed watching you play softvall over the past few years. I'm very thankful that I could share this with my daughter. We've seen the show now in two states. North Carolina (Gastonia) and in Croghan, NY. Thank you for a great time. Le __________________________________________________________ 20/04/01 LEONARD MORROW We were excited to host The King and His Court on March 24, 2001 and the Original Four Man Softball team did not disappoint. In his 56th year the King and His Court still provide good, wholesome family entertainment. Rich Hoppe isn't ""The King"", but n __________________________________________________________ 10/05/01 CAPT. RONALD C. MOTT I am looking forward to you coming to Sapulpa, OK. For The Salvation Army/Nazi grand opening for The Salvation Army Sports Complex. The date that we bllked you is May 29, 2001. It was bookid by Jim Keeter who is my Executive Director. May God give you __________________________________________________________ 04/01/01 DIANA & LARRY MOYER Hi, I'm not vcery good on this computer yet, but here I go. I have a grandchild in the custudy of the state and have spent thousands on trying to get her with us. They just seem to be putting her in more trauma, keeping her away from the people that lov __________________________________________________________ 21/05/00 TERRY D. MURPHY I had the pleasure to see you and the ream perform yesterday afternoon at Cherry Point MA. I know you hear this all the time, but I had seen you amny years ago in my hometown of Bushnell II. I have never forgotten that day and have repeated the stores m __________________________________________________________ 17/08/02 JEFF NELSON CANADA Saw the King for the 2nd time on his last visit to Redericton, NB. Canada. It was a real pleasure to tlak with him and his Court. The game of baseball took on a whole new meaning for me after the first time I saw him at age 10. Now 27 years later, I ha __________________________________________________________ 03/05/01 RICH NELSON When I saw your program from the 1954-1955 touring season for your team, it brought back a lot of memories of watching your team play the local softball team, the Bollman Elites in New Bedford, IL. A small farming town of 125 people. Was hoping that a s __________________________________________________________ 06/08/00 TOM ANDREAS NORDTVEDT Keep on going Eddie! I still remember your words to me, and the things you asked me to bring on to the children. You are a good father for them up here in Trondheim, Norway. It will soon be 5 of them. I'll be watching the Olympic Games in Sydney, to s __________________________________________________________ 15/09/00 BILL NOWLIN Glad to read of your visit to Ted Williams. Be sure to send an email indicating the next time you're back in New England. __________________________________________________________ DAVE O Dear King, I saw you in the late 60's in the Pittsbutgh area. You and the team were great, however, you did lose that day to a slowpitch softball team, but what a show! The next year I saw the !ueen and Her Maids. Do you know if they are still playing __________________________________________________________ 27/05/01 JUSTIN O'KRANE Hey King, I've heard stories that you have struck people out from your knees blind folded from second base. That's amazing! Is there any videos out on games you have played against people and if their possibly is. Could you email and tell me the names __________________________________________________________ 12/05/00 KYLEE OLBORN I would like to thank all of you for making ya'lls way to my hometown which is Omaha, TX. Ya'll were great!!!! __________________________________________________________ 01/05/01 KUUTUUQ OLEMAUN Hey there all you fans. I am from Barrow, Alaska (top of the world). Well, I just thought that I would say a few lines and say God bless to all you people. God has a reason for you to be on this earth. Well, God bless and take care. Kuutuuq __________________________________________________________ 22/05/00 JEREMY OLSON I am amazed at the resiliance of ""The King"". I did notice that you will be in the North Dakota area in the middle of August. This coincides with the nafa World Series. Have you had any contact with members of an organization up there? I am positive t __________________________________________________________ 20/06/00 JERRY OTTO JR. Hello! I am a writer for Let's Play Softball. A publication in the twin cities. I am a frequent visitor to the Village Inn, and am really looking forward to your appearance. I am in the process of putting together an article to promote the game, and w __________________________________________________________ 26/10/00 AARON OWL I am a 19 yr., old male, in my second year of pitching. I can throw a riser and a change-up, along with a fastball, and a curve with about 4-5 inch break. I was just wondering if you can give me tips on developing a good drop ball, and maximizing my cur __________________________________________________________ 29/09/00 AARON OWL Is there an easy method or quick way to learn a drop ball? __________________________________________________________ 14/11/00 LARRY PALLIKAN I first saw you in Indeanapolis, IN., in 1957-1959. I have an appreciation for fastpitch as my uncle and a few other people I know are in the softball hall of fame. I currently live in southwest FL., if you will be appearing anywhere close I would like __________________________________________________________ 31/10/00 MICHAEL PATRICK The King's the greatest! I've coached high school varsity girls fastpitch for 13 years and every once in a while will tell of seeing your team play and all the great things you could do with a softball, I'm writing you from Lansing, MI., where you and yo __________________________________________________________ 19/04/01 DARRYL PATTERSON Just wish my dad's four man team could have played yours in the 60's. __________________________________________________________ 05/02/99 JIM PEARSON USA Battle Creek , MI I have played against you in the late 50's & early 60's. I warmed you up when your catcher was late. You told me the first pitch would be a fast ball down the middle be ready for it. I hit a home run. I played against you many times and really enjoyed __________________________________________________________ 17/06/02 THOMAS PETERS USA Baltimore, MD Saw your team play twice locally. Loved the games. One tema you faced used Elrod Hendricks from the Baltimore Orioles as their pitcher. Both games I saw you lead-off batter hit a homerun on the first pitch. I believe he was your son. You are a legend __________________________________________________________ 23/07/02 J. NEIL PHILLIPS USA Gadsden, AL Just passed you guys on I-59 headed South through Gadsden from Chattanooga. Many memories came from seeing ""the van"". You guys played my dad's GulfSteel YMCA team a couple of times in the 70's. (Dad's thema won, of course. HA. Just kidding) I was the __________________________________________________________ 02/02/99 BAIRD PICKETT USA Montevallo, AL I was at the game 9-02-2002 in Montevallo, you all were very nice. Mr. Kinght gave me a cd to share with my police department and it will be distributed through out the dept. Thank you so much for being a part of american history. My 12 year old daught __________________________________________________________ 26/04/01 SAM POLVERENTO I would like to thank you for a very fond memory. That of you ""allowing"" me to get a hit in a game in South Haven MI. That would have been almost 40 years ago on a 4th of July weekend. You were bigger than life to me. As a child I remember going to __________________________________________________________ 08/04/02 NORM POZZIE USA Aurora, IL I just want to say that as a young boy going to see the King was one of the greatest times in my childhood. King & His Court is not only the greatest on the field but role models off. I am now 40 and many times since seeing them in the late 60s I have t __________________________________________________________ 18/07/00 BETH PRATER Saw your show last night in Pr=ortsmouth, OH. It was so great. Took my little brother. He enjoyed it so. He got chose to be the catcher in the back!!!! He was so glad!!! __________________________________________________________ 23/07/02 LORI & ROB PRESTON USA Pekin, IL Hello, Eddie and Anne Marie. You will probably remember my dad rather than me. My dad is Den Oltman. You spoke with him and my mom, Rose, Fri. night at the ballpark and my dad showed you pictures. Thank you for great times for him. He loves sharing t __________________________________________________________ 13/06/00 LOUIE PROVINCE I have enjoyed watching the King and His Court and playing against you too, about 10 years ago in Zanesville, OH. In my book fastpitch softball is the only kind of softball to play. I am proud to say I have been one fo the many that has added another "" __________________________________________________________ 17/05/00 MARTY QUINN I really like softball and I'm good. I bet I can git the ball and even if it was a grounder to the third baseman I could run faster to first base and get a single, then I could steal second and hopefully score a run, that would be fun. __________________________________________________________ 17/05/02 SHELLY RAMEY USA Hohenwald, I remember watching you in the 70s when you came to Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. My uncle and my brother were on the All-Star team. My brother got a hit off you and stole 2 bases. Sad to say. it was a no-hitter. Be blessed. You are in lur prayers! __________________________________________________________ 30/06/00 JIMMY RAMIREZ Congrats, to the King on his World tour! I was lucky enough to play against him in Omaha, NB., in 1975. It was a dream to play against him after my father took me to see him play whan I was very young. I have the game ball which was used and wuld like __________________________________________________________ 12/06/02 STEVE RAND USA Auburn, NY I am writing today to say that my father in law ""Monk"" Curtin pitched against the King and his Court when the King had his original team and beat the King. He never came back to Auburn after that. ""Monk"" no longer pitches but is in good health. He __________________________________________________________ 21/06/01 STAN RESKE As a young boy growing up in Racine WS. In the early 50's, there was nothing as special as seeing the great Eddie Feigner at Horlick's Field. I've often wondered if he was ever clocked. He must have been throwing at upwards of 200 mph. But then that's __________________________________________________________ 11/09/02 EDDIE RIDDLE USA Napa, CA I want to take a moment to thank the King & His Court, and all fellow Americans, for coming together as one during this one year anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11. For decades the Kin & His Court has been a symbol of American Pride, and dedication __________________________________________________________ 18/04/02 EDDIE RIDDLE USA Napa, CA Eddie, hope this finds you doing well. Hang in there and keep fighting. You are the best!! God bless the ""KING"". __________________________________________________________ 19/06/01 BRIAN ROBINSON I am an old pitcher who taught his young lad the basics. He is 14 he is doing very wee. Last year his team won all Ontario ORSA. He wants to learn more, such as risers, sliders, grips ect. Maybe try to get a scholarship. I can't teach him any more as __________________________________________________________ 27/09/00 PETE ROQUE I played against your team with the Hanford Kings in the mid 1950's. Glad to hear you are still playing. I am now __________________________________________________________ 26/10/00 PETE ROQUE As a member of the Hanford Kings, I played against your team in the late 50's. (Calif.) So glad to hear you're still playing. I'm playing senior softball now (75's) in Sun City West, AZ. Just got back from Winnipeg, Canada. (champs) Good luck! __________________________________________________________ 19/06/01 VICTOR ROSARIO Just wanting to say hello to Rich Hope, and to let him know that our concept of playing midify-pitch softball wit the use of only 1-arm has expanded to 6-countries. Our website is up, some teams have yet to send good group photos for posting. Again Rich __________________________________________________________ 06/08/00 MARK J. RUDIS I want to personally thank Eddie and His Court. You guys were great. Thank you for making St. Theresa's Softball League the best league in Methuen. __________________________________________________________ 28/07/00 LINDA S. Just got back from watching in play in West Windsor tonight against the Wildcats. Great show, I would've loved to see you play ten years ago. Good luck on the rest of your tour. __________________________________________________________ 27/10/00 KAREN SADDLER Hello! My name is Karen Saddler. My daughter Steffani (14 yrs. Old) is playing fastpitch softball in Destin/F. Walton Beach FL. We would love to know if you're coming close to this area anytime. She has been pitching for a couple of years now. I woul __________________________________________________________ 01/10/00 JACK SALTER Unless my mind is playing tricks on me I saw the King and His Court play a game in Kemp, TX., in the early 1950's. My question, is this the same King playing in that game.Thanks Jack __________________________________________________________ 28/04/00 CHARLES A. SAMBUCHINO Eddie, my father took me (reluctantly at first) to see you when your tour came to Erie, PA., back in the early 1960's. It was an experience I'll never forget. Within the past few years I bought your ""How to Pitch"" video and the booklet and have throug __________________________________________________________ 01/07/00 MATT SCHWARZ Thank you for the best show I've ever seen. Say, did you get my message? __________________________________________________________ 28/05/01 LINDA SHINDLEDECKER __________________________________________________________ 07/05/01 JIM SIMON Dear Eddie & Ann Marie, It's been several years since I last saw you but memorable as it was, I am pleased to see that you're still performing and bringing great thrills to millions of fans across this great country. I first met you in Stocton, CA. When __________________________________________________________ 22/05/02 DAVID SIMPSON CANADA Wellington, We can't wait to meet you guys. This will be a dream come true for all of us in wellington. We are going to have a great time on Canada Day July 1 in Wellington, Ontario. __________________________________________________________ 29/09/02 BARRY SMITH USA Buffalo, NY Dear Mr. Feigner, just want to say ""best wished"" to an American treasure. I hope you're in good health and things are going well for you. __________________________________________________________ 14/07/01 BRIAN SMITH Anne Marie, Eddie and Guys. On behalf of the Lewis County Fastpitch Softball League, here in Croghan NY. I would like to extend our thanks to you for bringing your show to our community on June 29. You are truly the greatest ambassador that the sport o __________________________________________________________ 13/05/01 SUSIE SMITH I think you guys are the greatest! Can't believe you are still on the road. Will bring my entire family to see you. There are not enough family shows like yours. Thanks for the memories. By the way, I heard you are selling wooden bats. What a terrif __________________________________________________________ 24/02/01 MURRAY B SMITH Write to me. MB Smith __________________________________________________________ 24/12/00 KAREN SMITH __________________________________________________________ 29/07/00 KEN, PEGGY, & JUSTIN SMITH To the King & His Court, our family attended your game tonight and I must say, we had so much fun and we laughed so hard. I have read the book that we purchased and was so impressed with all of your accomplishments. I truly admire you for what you do an __________________________________________________________ 19/06/00 DENNIS SMITH Saw King and His Court several times in the early 70's. Was an amazing performance against one of the top teams in the state of IL., the Martin Oilers. I think the Oilers won their game though. I still remember thogh that the best play in my mind of th __________________________________________________________ 06/03/02 JOE SMYTH CANADA You guys are the greatest! I eard you had some trouble with our border patrol last year. Please don't hold that against ALL of you Canadian friends. Hope to see you again this summer. Keep throwing King! A fan for over 50 years! __________________________________________________________ 07/08/02 GREG SOUKUP USA Lincold, NB I remember seeing Eddie and the Court in the late 1950's at Lincoln's Sherman Field. I never saw them again until the 1970's. I saw that he was coming to town and by then had boys of my own that I wanted to make sure I got to see one of the greatest exh __________________________________________________________ 11/07/00 MARK G. SPRAU Yours is a great website. Thanks, I am having a lot of fun.
__________________________________________________________ 15/07/02 RON STARK USA Knightstown, IN I am 58 yrs. Old. Never got to see you in action. Will you be in the Indianapolis area in 2002. Ron Stark __________________________________________________________ 07/06/00 ED STASIAK "Finding your web page has brought back warm memories of my father taking me to see you play. Words cannot describe what you have done for young boys and girls, not to mention families over the many years of your reign. As american as motherhood, apple pie, and ""The King and His Court"". God bless." __________________________________________________________ 25/02/02 JANE & BOB STEM "Thanks for the provilege and honor of having dinner with the whole team at Appleby's in The Villages, FL. We had a wonderful evening. July 23, 2001. After a not-so-wonderful dismal afternoon at the softball complex. We hope to repeat this dinner treat on your next visit to our community. We are looking forward to that time. Best wishes to you and may God bless you all." __________________________________________________________ DEE DEE STETZER "Hello, I am a 36 year old mom starting to coach her daughter in fastpitch softball. It was a real treat to find this web sight. I saw you play as an 11 year old in Harrisonburg, VA., and remember it was really a good time in my life. Thank you for bringing back a good memory. I am going to look up your sight and see if i can take my family to see you. Thanks, Dee Dee" __________________________________________________________ 25/02/02 JOSEPH STINSON Remember the Clearwater Bombers??? __________________________________________________________ 14/10/00 LARRY D. STIVENSON SR. I guess it's been a long time for me since the times of McCarthy Stadium in Toledo, OH. I was a teenager and helping out the grounds keeper, John (CAP) Lawerence, 1960-61. I was also running the score board those years. Seems like yestereday. I'm 57 now. I said this last year about coming to see you but veber made it. Then your heart situation took me by surprise. Will be checking your tour schedule for a date near Bowling Green, OH. Hope to see you in the near future hope 2001 is a smash."


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