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Send your comments or questions to The King & His Court Customer Service Department.

A Customer Service Representative will either respond directly to your question or forward your query to the appropriate person at The King & His Court's worldwide headquarters. Due to the large number of queries received by The King & His Court, you should expect a response to simple queries within one or two days. More complex queries may require the input of several staff members or leadership, and, therefore, may take longer.


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Business & Licensing Inquiries
If you or your company would like to use the name or likeness of The King & His Court in any commercial fashion please note that the words, logos, images and name are trademarks owned and protected by The King & His Court Organization.

If you are interested in using or licensing any of the above in a promotional or product campaign, please submit a Business Inquiry form.

Business inquiries can be submitted via the Business Inquiry Form.

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